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Also, if the slot machine doesn't stop, and the word "Accident!" Any rings lost or gained will be deducted or added at the Result Screen. In, If an opponent were to try and steal a Precioustone, there is a chance that they will not get it, since Void must set up a roulette wheel to select a player. Finally reunited with Void, Lumina merges back with him into Illumina, their true form. If the character selects a higher number, they will defeat the monster but will only get one Forcejewel in Story Mode, and will only be able to steal the normal amount of rings in Versus Mode. In Sonic Shuffle, the player can select one of the main characters of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.The game supports 1 player in Story Mode and up to 4 players simultaneously in Versus Mode and the Sonic Room. Sonic performs the Spin Dash for this Special. Two Rings spaces, Blue and Red Rings Spaces, allow the player to receive or lose Rings. These spaces are distinguished by a brick wall pattern with Knuckles' upper torso climbing up the wall. In mini-games the Computer Players can typically understand what is going on and will excel quite well. Egg & the Chicken 12. If it is landed on, no effect will take place. Choosing a number lower than the monster's Card will result in defeat and the monster will attack. This is the only Character Specific Space that any character can land on, despite them not being able to use it. When the cards are selected, Tails will start spinning rapidly with his tails ripping through the air, he will then approach the Monster and start lashing away. With the imminent disappearance of Maginaryworld, the five head towards the Temple of Light to retrieve the last piece of the Precioustone. Losing a battle when the character had no rings will result in the character having to rest the next turn. Choosing the Special Card activates the special ability of the character who uses the card. For example, if the Monster had 2 hit points the computer may use a 4 card to fight it. consists of 3 releases. The monster inside this Precioustone is unique to each board. Like Sonic, Super Sonic will move Double the Spaces if the Same Card is selected again. When these spaces are landed on, the character will initiate a battle with a monster that is specific to the board that they are currently on. She was not created by the Sonic team. The only two Characters to visibly have the Level Up Item they use are Super Sonic (Light Speed Shoes) and Gamma, who has the Jet Booster which is one of the two Level Up Items that he uses, all the other characters use their abilities without having the Level Up Item that awarded them the ability in the first place. Big will now throw a more powerful fishing line at the Monster. Precioustone Crystal: the second piece of the Precioustone, with a 3 card. Hover Mode does not activate if Gamma were to get an S on the Special card. He will then come out of a vortex and ask if the character would like to steal a Precioustone piece from another character for fifty rings. If they respond yes, Void will call a roulette wheel. The four players can play in teams and play against one another on a giant game board, going around and playing mini games to collect Emblems. Gamma shoots three Missiles despite only having two Cards because if he were to have three cards of 2, it would be much more difficult to successfully get a 6 from the combined number. The visuals in Sonic Shuffle are topnotch; the game board is filled with dazzling colors, wonderful textures, and delightful character. Sonic Gun Slinger 5. If the character gets the number that matches the monster's card, then it will be a Critical Hit. Unlike the Board Special which does not involve the Special Card, the Battle Special is initiated by using the Special Card during a Battle. Going on Blue Ring Spaces and/or Red Ring Spaces multiple times in a row allows for a combo to be built; the number of times in a row amounts to the combo, which in turn changes the multiplier of how many rings you receive. Over the Rainbow 18. When the Duel starts, the player is asked to choose "The Highest Total" or "The Lowest Total". A playable character in Sonic Adventure, E-102 Gamma is a robot created by Dr. Eggman who unexpectedly develops a conscience, causing him to switch sides. The game progresses in multiple story lines and playing as each different character will allow the mystery of Void to finally be realized. The Combo Multiplier maxes out at five. The Trolley Space, when landed on, summons a flying trolley will come to pick up a character and take them to another space on the board. Tails. Froggy will stop on the Space that the player had selected and when Big catches up he will jump to catch him again. The Computer character does not know if a wild card is an S or Eggman card, and will randomly use or steal any wild card even if they still have their own. This … Join Sonic and friends in the ultimate party game. The game plays like a board game much in the same vein as Nintendo's Mario Party series, with up to four players moving their characters across a game board filled with a variety of spaces which can trigger different events.

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