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The other two sentences are answers for different class questions in Spanish. You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz. You have already completed the quiz before. We will begin this lesson by reading and listening to some questions related to the school in Spanish divided in two sections: one regarding general things about the school and another about school work and phrases that you may need in daily interactions with other students. Then answer choose the right answer for each of the questions in this listening quiz. We have included lots of audio examples, as well as two listening activities for you to read and listen to the vocabulary in use and practice as well. Created: Nov 2, 2008 | Updated: Jan 20, 2015. What type of school do you attend, public or private? What shift do you study? One of the students ask “¿Cómo se dice “blue” en español?”. ¿Qué clases estás llevando/tomando este año? Easy question actually. Unlike English, we do not ask “What’s the answer...?” (Qué es la respuesta?) “¿Cómo dice…?” would be used if you want to know how the person you are asking says something, her/his way to say it. If you leave this page, your progress will be lost. How many classes are you taking this semester? We are glad this was useful for you! Listen to the examples and then move on to the first listening activity in the lesson. Spanish Questions & School Description. Most Spanish classroom questions, “las preguntas de la clase”, follow the same rules for any other question in the language.First, they need a question mark at the beginning and one at the end. After that the teacher “pronuncia turquesa”. – Se llama Alberto, What is the name of your Spanish teacher? Las clases son las mismas en todos los países de Latinoamérica. – Estudio en el turno de la mañana. – I’m taking eight classes. Mi escuela está frente a la estación de bomberos. Let’s begin…. – I think it’s good / bad / regular, What days do you go to school? – I study in a public school. ¿En qué turno estudias? Click on the Play button to listen to their pronunciation. – Physics homework is an experiment. ¡Buena suerte! If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser. – I start at 8 in the morning, ¿En qué grado/año estás? Once you are finished, click the button below. ¿Cuál de estas opciones NO ES una forma de llamar a la clase de español? The intonation of your question should change a bit depending on what you mean to ask. During secondary school, “La secundaria”, we take some very useful classes, including both Spanish and English. – I’m in 11th grade, ¿Ya comenzaste la secundaria? ¿A qué escuela vas? ¿Cómo se llama tu profesor de español? muchas gracias por compartir, estoy ganando mucho conocimiento pues puedo estudiar inglés mientras estudio español !!! How many students are in your smallest class? 4.2 5 customer reviews. ¿Cuál es tu clase favorita? No, tú tienes que cambiar el título del libro. Chat comfortably in Spanish with these 49 Spanish questions (and answers). ¿Qué opinas de tu escuela? “Poder” is a very common stem-changing verb in the language. – My favorite class is Natural Sciences. What classes are you taking / taking this year? La secundaria es una parte muy importante de la educación para nosotros los latinoamericanos. Las clases que los estudiantes reciben varían de un país a otro. First, they need a question mark at the beginning and one at the end. Rara Academic by Rara Theme. If loading fails, click here to try again. – I study on the morning shift. or for “¿Cómo se deletrea esa palabra?” and you do not know. – Si, me gustan geografía e historia. ¡Hola! Powered by WordPress. What time do you start classes? Ellos están aprendiendo los miembros de la familia. ¿Cuál es la clase más difícil para ti? There are many expressions in the language that can be very useful in class. A few other important Spanish classroom phrases are “No entiendo” (I don’t understand) and “Repita por favor” (please repeat). First of all, we will ask you to spend a few minutes watching this video. © Copyright 2020 SpanishLearningLab. You have not finished your quiz. Common Spanish classroom questions – Preguntas del aula. Listen to the conversation again and find out what classes and school work in Spanish they are talking about. In this lesson, we will cover a list of common words, questions and phrases that are very useful for talking about your school and classes in Spanish. Listen to the recording and try to figure out what the speaker is talking about. Gracias desde Brasil !!! – Mi clase favorita es Ciencias Naturales, What is your favorite class? The guy “deletrea” (spells) turquoise in Spanish, turquesa, not “azul” or “lila” and then asks “¿Cómo se pronuncia esa palabra?”. that’s would be so useful for me… thanks so much in advance for your help in learning Spanish. Press PLAY to listen to the conversation. ¡Nos alegra que nuestro contenido sea de utilidad! – His name is Alberto, ¿Cuál es la tarea de física? ¿En qué tipo de escuela estudias, pública o privada? Education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators, but learners may also educate themselves. 1) Mi escuela se llama: 2) La clase mas pequeña es: 3) Hay alumnos y alumnas en la clase mas pequeña: LAXXX8 is a tool. It gives me a 30% when I should ve gotten a 100. His responses are not only bogus, but incredibly immature when someone is asking for help. – Voy a la escuela Santa Mónica, What school do you go to? This is just a sample conversation to show how we could make question in class. Eu amo sus contenidos ! Press PLAY to start listening. ¿Cuál es la respuesta correcta de esta pregunta? The Quiz is weird. DECIR means “to say”, but in this case we must use “se” (a reflexive pronoun) to ask how people say it in general. About This Quiz & Worksheet. review this lesson and find more important points. How to Introduce Yourself and Someone in Spanish, Common Spanish Greetings and Farewells: List and Quiz, Classroom Objects in Spanish: List and Sentences (with Audio), Writing and Saying Spanish Numbers over 100, Using Ordinal Numbers in Spanish in Sentences, expressions in the language that can be very useful in class, Conversations with greetings and introductions, Phrases related to Countries and Nationalities, Talking about Transportation Means in Spanish, Getting around Campus in Spanish - Listening Practice, Spanish Phrases and Questions for Basic Conversations, La familia - Describing your family in Spanish, Drinks in Spanish: Vocabulary and Listening.

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