spotted sandpiper life history

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She then ruffed out the feathers and strutted like a turkey cock, with head thrown back. The parent half spread its wings as they arrived and they took shelter beneath, just as chickens do under a hen.The period of incubation is 15 days.Plumages: [AUTHOR'S NOTE: The young spotted sandpiper in the natal down is quite uniformly grizzled or mottled on the upper parts, from crown to rump, with "huffy brown," "wood brown," grayish buff, and black. Under water it progresses by using its wings which it spreads quite widely, and in shallow water it call go to the bottom and run a short distance with head held low and tail raised like an ouzel or dipper.G. With wings fully outspread and legs kicking It made its way rather slowly along the sandy bottom, until it was about S feet out, in water over 3 feet deep. On October 25, 1920, one was taken by the writer 1)ear the mouth of the Rio Ajo on the eastern coast of the Province of Buenos Aires, the southernmost point at which the species is known.DISTRIBUTIONRange: North and South America; accidental in Europe. J. E. H. Kelso (1926) records an instance of this habit. "In the use of material to construct or line its nest the bird shows nearly as much variation as in the choice of the nesting site and it may be stated roughly that the more northerly the latitude of the breeding ground, the bulkier is the nest. A seres of loud scects, heard also at other times of year, the most far-reaching call of the species, doubtless serves as location notice.A. The spotted sandpiper is a small shorebird. G. M. Sutton (1925) speaks of the habit thus:Upon several occasions within the writer's experience downy young of the spotted sandpiper, when closely pursued, have taken to the water, where they swam lightly although not very rapidly in making an escape.Dr. We often had occasion to pass this nest, but there was never more than one bird present. East of Labrador (Okak and Rigolet); eastern Quebec (Sloop Harbor and Wolf Bay); Newfoundland (Humber River and Penguin Island); Nova Scotia (Breton Island, Pictou, and Yarmouth); Maine (Thomaston); New Hampshire (Portsmouth); Massachusetts (Boston and Woods Hole); Rhode Island (Block Island); New York (Shelter Island); New Jersey (Red Bank and Five-mile Beach); Maryland (Cambridge); Virginia (Cobb Island and Richmond); North Carolina (Kona, Fort Macon, and Wilmington); and probably South Carolina (Chester and Columbia). In Birds of the World (A. F. Poole, Editor). range of Spotted Sandpiper (eBird 2019). We were at this nest and in the immediate vicinity nearly an hour, but no other adult appeared.Although as a rule the spotted sandpiper does not build near the nest of other birds of the same species, in exceptional cases many pairs nest in close proximity to each other.L. Published by the Smithsonian Institution between the 1920s and the 1950s, the Bent life history series of monographs provide an often colorful description of the birds of North America. Upon seeing me towering above it, however, it turned its course abruptly downward, anti without the slightest hesitation flew straight into the ~vater. Causes of Mortality. In the numerous local lists published from every part of the country the spotted sandpiper almost always has a place. The prevailing ground color is cartridge buff," with some variations to " pinkish buff," or " pale olive buff." : During the years, now past, when the smaller shore birds cotIld legally be shot for food or sport the spotted sandpiper suffered less than some of the other Liniicolae by reason of its more solitary habit. I repeated my quest, and again failed to find the youngster. Their eggs, ahnost invariably four in number, are usually laid during the last week of May, In saucer-shaped hollows scraped in surface soil, and thinly lined with dry grass. Video. The transition from one kind of flight to the other is remarkable to see; with outstretched neck it drives along with regular ~ving beats, a long, slender, unfamiliar-looking wader.J. He says that the caretakers at the Wigwam Fishing Club, Colorado, "reported the spotted sandpiper as also catching trout fry. As it lay in my hands above water it seemed tired for a second or two, and then, without warning, shook itself a little, leaped into the air, and with loud, clear whistles, circled off a few inches above the water to a distant point of'land.On a subsequent occasion. It doubtless has value as advertisement or location notice and something the significance of a very generalized song. Except when creeping up within reach of an insect or when its attention is riveted on the snapping up of a bit of food the tail is almost continuously in motion up and down. The following quotation illustrates this fact.

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