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They dress him up as a homeless person. For people, they come from personal history, culture, trajectory of civilization, and things like that. It's one of those deficits. Guy Kawasaki: That and doctor. Comment by Amfortas | left with a sense of total lack of knowledge and a new perception of the world or for that matter, universe. How can we generalize what we do and to something more general than just mathematical equations and still be making precise theories of things? It might just be my favorite, and I have listened to them all, some more than once.:). Actually, the doctor is not on my business. Guy Kawasaki: Arithmetic? | Reply. What broke that was my children got to an age where they said I got these invitations to places all around the world and I would say no or do video conferences. When you write a legal contract, it's more or less in English if you're in the US, but it's sort of in legalese because you don't want it to be in something as vague as English. Stephen Wolfram: No. It's amusing to talk about all kinds of weird stuff. I think the overarching story of civilization is trying to automate as much as possible. Etc., etc., etc. It feels fulfilling when one figures the things out. We say, "What was Stonehenge for?" It's not that the other thing that's going on is not science. Then there are things where I created things where they were created the way they were created because I happened to do them. There were no equal signs. Stephen Wolfram. If you ask, "Where do those rules come from?" Everyone thinks cooking pots almost every day and even has a few. Then there's the intellectual legacy of things I've figured out that might not have been figured out for a lot longer in our history, although it might eventually have been figured out. People may not care about it. When you have this simple program that does this very complicated thing, sometimes that complicated thing will be something that we humans find useful. Understanding computation and its significances happens to be a good match for my particular skills and personality. But then again, if it is, Stephen will find it and compute it in. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! That was one of those kind of outer band pieces of information that I happen to have. I can figure out everything about what the system does." Are you sitting there thinking about the math and the physics of hockey and surfing and... Stephen Wolfram: These are things I don't do because I don't find them... Well, surfing I'd just be useless. Stephen Wolfram: I'll talk about math again. I happened to go to a kindergarten in Oxford, England, where there were a bunch of smart kids. Smart, and interesting! Guy Kawasaki: If I explained all the things he's accomplished in math and physics, it would be longer than the interview part of this podcast. The lesson is that if he was in a concert hall, everybody would be standing in line and playing hundreds and thousands of dollars to listen to him, but in the metro, no one can put two and two together. Stephen Wolfram is “physicist” but that's like saying LeBron James is a “basketball player” and Sir Donald Bradman is a “cricketer.”. In England at that time, the US seemed like a pretty far-off place. Now you say, "What do we conclude from that?" Stephen Wolfram: The interesting thing... because of this a little hobby. On any given day, I'll have a bunch of ideas and most of them will go through the pipeline to turn into real things. In addition to being a genius, Wolfram has that admirable combination of super confidence and humility. "No, it's not, but..." this person said with great emotion... "it's not cricket." You're getting all these awards and things. Are we kidding ourselves here? Usually, we write a program. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. These are all things that one can use the paradigm of computation on, and they're things that people... they engage much more the things that people think about. Kawasaki is an excellent interviewer. I never found it terribly interesting. It's like we get to this program, and what does it do? Hopefully, they'll do interesting things. I'll give you an example: it's got a couple of horns at the front. I could tell you them in a few sentences. That was the one fact nobody else would know. Guy Kawasaki: Does all of this mean we're a simulation? I just kept going doing things. You say, "What are those rules running on?" Guy Kawasaki: Any sports? is an ongoing Q&A series. You can say, "Why does it have those rules? A bunch of people bought NeXTs because of that. I am hooked! But there are other ones... including some of these most controversial ones, whether it's in a medical area or in climate... where it's not so obvious. I don't know what would happen if I tried to do them today. You have to take from it what actually makes sense and not just take the most obvious things. Formerly, he was an advisor to the Motorola business unit of Google and chief evangelist of Apple. It seems to be it's whatever you agree with is true. That means I'm curious about what the rest of the world is like. March 9, 2014 It turns out I know somebody who knew Steve in high school. It's phone plus screen sharing all day. Actually, we realize that we can use that to make displays. Guy Kawasaki: Hello. Where to subscribe: Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts, MacArthur Award [sometimes known as the genius grant]. Stephen Wolfram: Essentially, the other side of it is to say... when we look at these rules... do these rules feel like they're an artifact? I'm really bad at reading books. That's a somewhat different approach. One of the things that I have noticed is that it's surprisingly difficult to break out of the elite bubble that one tends to live in. You can say it in a sentence, although it's a boring sentence that involves ands and ors and things like that. Your typical kid these days couldn't drive a stick shift car probably in the US, right? I think that's a complicated issue. Until then, you can read Wolfram's latest book, Adventures of a Computational Explorer. Were you just a nerd? I'm thinking about how do I make that rhinoceros computational? It was pretty smart of Steve to figure out that was a good idea.

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