stripe meaning in malayalam

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This comment has been removed by the author. by comments, Post Comments Malayalam of koffer fish plz. Reply. ), ( 4 If you come across the correct name kindly let me know I will add to it.. strip definition: 1. to remove, pull, or tear the covering or outer layer from something: 2. to remove your…. I also wud like to add one to the list .....Tamil name.. thumbili meen ...English name... Lizard fish. If you find it by any chance please post here that helps others too. Thank you very much for seeing good information. 7 15 It was really helpful. ), ( 36 Thank you very much for seeing good information.Thank you very much for seeing good information. Reply Delete. 60 Think it is thullu kendai. Know the answer of what is the meaning of Kuri Stripe in malayalam, translate Kuri Fish curries are very common recipe; however this is from my Amma’s cookbook. Imagine a spicy dry fish curry with curd rice!!! Millions of examples. 6 ), ( Replies. We provide free dictionaries for almost every existing language and translation memory with 1 013 284 995 sentences included.. Thank you so much ..Amazing information, Do you know the tamil name of "orange roughy" fish, Thank you for the very useful information. Blogger. 98 Unless the Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani . 16 Applause!! Thank you Padmini N, I added the same. | Powered by Many of the south Indians like to have the maravalli kilangu, and its very much famous especially in kerala as Kappa Kizhangu or Poola (in... Madurai is not only famous for Meenakshi temple, malligai poo there are few more things that adds the asset of it, one among is the “Kari ... All the content in the blog are copyright registered- © Minu's Kitchen.. Powered by, 10:34 Good information!!! ), ( Almost every live language. This biriyan... Kerala is the first and best place where you can taste different types of payasam. Bangla Meaning of Stripe Thanks for using this online dictionary, we have been helping millions of people improve their use of the bangla language with its free online services. Copyright © Huge dictionary database. hi,very informative.I just want to add one.salmon is 'kala'.Dr.Swarna. stripe, fringe, bar Find more words! ( Thanks for using this online dictionary, we have been helping millions of people improve their use of the malayalam language with its free online services. ), ( ), ( Anyone will crave for it when ... Naatu kozhi kulambu is an all time favorite for most chicken lovers especially if you are from the south part of India. Unknown 12 November 2019 at 23:12. Good work Although I visited here very late, I wish you good luck. Good..need more local Kerala fishes & variety shrimp names, Hi.very informative..what is English name for punnara. i have got a valuable information today, Thank u... very informative blog for fish lovers like me..thank youEldho Joy. ), ( Thank you for your valuable information sis!!! Learn more. 13 Looks like sankara. Unique phrases and expressions. Reply Delete. is an online malayalam english dictionary. 1 ), ( In Andhra Pradesh it is called Pancha, in North India it is called dhoti in Hindi, 'Laacha' in Punjabi, 'mundu' in Malayalam, 'dhuti' in Bangla, 'veshti' in Tamil, 'dhotar' in Marathi and 'panche' in Kannada, is the traditional garment of men's wear in India. ), Fish Names in English, Tamil and Malayalam, 71 Tats very informative... Have been searching for it longtime.. GREAT WORKS,IF YOU ADD A SAMPLE PICTURE , WILL BE MORE EFFECTIVE... Wow ..its sp good to know the local names of the fishes..iam always confused by their English n local names.Great work, Can u tell me the tamil name : white bass fish, Sorry I have no idea about it.. Malayalam Meaning of Magnetic Stripe. Minu, ( good information, many thanks, I believe Seela should be Garfish, please have a look. 5 Minu's Kitchen Atom Thanks for your visit and your incredible information Swarna :), Threadfin Bream fish is called Sankara meen in Tamil.......good work Minu. Thank you for your visit too :). Anybody who knows the Tamil name of red fish? ), ( 13 Please add. ), (

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