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The top 10 sustainable tourist destinations of 2019 are the following. Located on the island of Losinj in Western Croatia, Mali Losinj is a historical tourist destination that has over the years propped itself as an island of vitality, sports, and health. What this means for guests is more wildlife (we saw tons of predators and huge herds of elephants, impala, hippos, zebra, wildebeest, etc. Surfing and yoga, horse riding and hiking are literally on the doorstep for those not into kite surfing. The finest and most accessible are those along the Carretera Austral – the only road through northern Chilean Patagonia. Gozo has been recognized as more than just a little island with sunny beaches and diving resorts. San Diego was praised for its diversity, its DNA having been shaped by indigenous, Spanish, Mexican and American communities. From preserving the ancient cultures and traditions of countries in Bhutan, Peru and Chile, to protecting the environment in Indonesia, Palau and Germany. The rainforest retreat leads conservation projects overseen by the not-for-profit Inkaterra Asociación (ITA) including the study of flora and fauna. Join us on a 12-month journey to see them all, Discover Peru's Sacred Valley of the Incas, 10 wellness retreats where you can clear your head, Explore new trails on Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula. The Maasai are received over $1.5 million from the conservancies in 2018, with more than 1,000 families receiving monthly payments. Tourists can come into the community and see their craft making, observe local life and visit their rainforest. type:"POST", GD supports a large community of local, regional and country destination managers and stakeholders, enhancing destination sustainability, market visibility, and tourism quality. And with one third of the city covered in green, nature is everywhere – but you don’t need to hug trees to dive into its thriving eco culture. This type of tariffed payment system ensures fair, livable wages to all those involved and keeps a high standard (3 star hotel and up) for all guests to the country. It traverses the region also known as Little Switzerland, with beautiful cliffs and rocks formations. ), fewer crowds, and an exclusive, eco-friendly option for seeing what is arguably the greatest show of natural beauty on Earth. Rwanda has made a huge effort to save the critically endangered wild mountain gorilla, who faced extinction after decades of poaching and habitat loss. Getting local people involved in the tourism industry is the most effective way to achieve this. If you don’t want to explore alone, join one of the various green urban tours: from Green Fashion Tours, to Changemaker Tours focussing on social entrepreneurship, to Querstadtein where homeless people and refugees guide through “their” city, to our GreenMe Kiez Tours. Far off the tourist trail in Oleiros in central Portugal is Yoga Holidays Portugal's eco-yoga retreat where tuition and meditation go hand in hand with nature and simple living. European destinations also did well, with Ljubljana, Slovenia taking home the Best of Cities award, while Gozo in Malta received best of Communities & Culture. Verdict, in partnership with GlobalData Travel and Tourism, has compiled a list of the most sustainable places you can holiday around the world. Having coastlines on both the Caribbean and the Pacific is a huge draw for visitors. According to the guidelines for the New Zealand Tourism Awards the “natural environment is a vital component of the Destination New Zealand brand and a key competitive advantage for New Zealand’s tourism industry. Geothermal and hydro meet 81 percent of Iceland’s primary energy needs for electricity, heat, and transportation. Kenya is home to one of the planet’s greatest natural spectacles, Africa’s Great Migration. Elsewhere, you can enjoy sunset horseback rides on remote beaches or canoeing in a private lagoon surrounded by 1,000 protected acres of pristine forest. With a population of only 293,000, Ljubljana is never crowded but has an impressive ethnic diversity thanks to the many universities that attract students from around the globe. We've rounded-up a curated version of the winners below, so you can start dreaming of your 2021 travels. Torroella de Montgrí-L ‘Estartit in 2006 was awarded the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in recognition for its efforts to set itself up as an ecotourism destination. Rooted in Levantine and Bedouin traditions, geniality and generosity are integral to the Middle Eastern welcome, with the sharing of food and drink at its core. The foundation, founded in 2001, supports projects and organisations in Switzerland and worldwide which look to improve the livelihoods of people in tourist destinations, contribute to sustainable tourism development and contribute to “intercultural … Often regarded as one of the seven wonders of the world, this ancient historical sites located in the south of Jordan is one of the largest and most complex archeological sites. The authorities have even installed water dispensers to encourage tourists to fill bottles instead of buying new ones, with all the plastic packaging material being recycled once used. }); With this group they’ve created an opportunity to increase their income, allowing them to send their children to school and improve their family’s livelihood. It also has city buses that run on natural gas, an urban electric train and 46 percent of the land within the municipality is indigenous woodland.”. Extensive community participation includes supporting schools, clinics, youth camps and even the refurbishment of a museum.

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