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Home » Dorset Events » Festivals & Outdoor Events » Swanage Railway – Autumn Steam Gala 2019, PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PAST EVENT ~ SEE BELOW FOR OTHER EVENTS NEAR THIS LOCATION, Category: Festivals & Outdoor Events While, at the other end of the train, we have Class 31, 97205. H2oadventures Trips, Tours and epic adventures in Swanage and the Jurassic coast, Christmas Wreath Making with Dorset Flower Co. A final view of D7535, standing at Norden, having arrived with the much-delayed 18:45 from Swanage. Currently the locomotive line up will be as follows (subject to change due to locomotive availability or further additions):– Br Standard 5 ‘ … 1087318. Corfe Castle distant signal with the castle ruins behind. Upon arrival I took this photograph of the line, looking towards Corfe Castle, with the ruins of the old castle in the background. other projects. This was driven through the normal Realtime Preserved Trains service, which existed then as a separate platform to the mainline RTT, and as part of the location update system on the tracker devices. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience whilst browsing. Railway, Add a reminder to: iCal | Google Calendar. Version 7 7.4.2019 Page 1 The Swanage Railway Company (01412568) is the wholly owned operating company and agent for the Swanage Railway Trust Ltd. (4115126), a registered charity No. The Class 73 at Swanage having arrived with the late running 17:39 from Corfe Castle. This was on display at Swanage and Corfe Castle. It’s a new b... Neath Riverside - A Slice of 1960s South Wales, FLYABYTE - Web applications, online storage, netb. It is very easy for a technical person like myself to go, by default, to a position of ‘information overload’ or entirely unreadable and some screens on the mainline network certainly manage that. This locomotive is one of the Swanage Railway's home fleet of locos and this is made obvious by the fact that she is dirty while all of the visiting locos are nice and clean! Swanage, amusingly, had them before this event albeit slightly more primitively. Speaking in mainline terms, developing a departure board is not a particularly easy problem to solve - the information should be clear, concise and easy to follow. The content was not replaced directly as this affected the service animation, and instead each element was altered on a ‘delta update’ basis. Swanage Railway – Autumn Steam Gala 2019 Details. The departure board subsequently developed was aimed to achieve - but there’s still some way to go as further development could likely achieve more. Class 50, 50007 'Hercules' resplendent in GBRf livery, waits to depart Corfe Castle with the, already delayed, 10:57 to Swanage. Much of the concept was inspired by the Dutch mainline rail network, including the website Rijden de Treinen (which translates as ‘Are the trains running?') There is also an element of lowering the barrier of entry to the railway, and increasing a passenger’s comfort and familiarity in that they’re doing the right thing. Further information about Realtime Preserved Trains is available by sending us an email. Interestingly, due to what is perhaps a case of pre-conditioning, it became necessary to put in what would otherwise be unnatural pauses in the sentence flow to make the announcements sound ‘right’ to the ear. As mentioned previously, departure boards were in place at Swanage and Corfe Castle this year. We were also given permission to provide automatic announcements at Swanage. Swanage Diesel Gala 2019 - Charles Woodland In the evening sunlight 97205 working 1815 Norden - Swanage crosses Corfe Common with the last train of the 2019 gala Phil Wimbush Many rail enthusiasts will be familiar with Worldline’s Tiger system, one of the outputs of their CIS system, and in 2018 we had a similar style display at Swanage station on a small screen. It certainly wasn’t a universally popular addition at the gala, but most reaction seemed to be positive. 12 Shirley Close, Wareham, West Lulworth BH20 5FD, Damerham Road, Cranborne, Dorset, Cranborne, Cranborne Chase BH21 5RP, 14 West Street, Wareham, Wareham BH20 4JX, Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre, Bournemouth, Bournemouth BH6 4EW, Black Down, Portesham, Dorset, Winterbourne Steepleton, Dorchester DT2 9HY, 2 Washpond Lane, Swanage, Swanage BH19 1QS, Portland Bill Lighthouse Portland Dorset, Southwell, Portland DT5 2JT, Tyneham Village, East Lulworth, Wareham BH20 5QF, Park Farm, Blandford Forum, Blandford Forum DT11 0BL, Norden Farm Campsite, Corfe Castle, Wareham, England BH20 5DS, Shore Road, Swanage, Dorset, Swanage BH19 1DD, 103 Dorchester, Dorchester, Dorchester DT2 8FZ, 9 Abbotsbury Road, Weymouth, Weymouth DT4 0AD, Corfe Castle Village Stores, 25 East Street, Corfe Castle, Corfe Castle, Corfe Castle BH20 5EE, 107 Bridport Road, Dorchester, Dorchester DT1 2NH, Durdle Door, Dorset, West Lulworth, West Lulworth BH20 5PU, East Street, Corfe Castle, Isle of Purbeck BH20 5ED, 11 Christchurch, Christchurch, Christchurch BH23 4RY, The Square, Corfe Castle, Dorset, Corfe Castle, Corfe Castle BH20 5EZ, Common Drove, Child Okeford, Blandford Forum DT11 8QY, The Countryman Inn, East Knighton, East Knighton, Dorchester DT2 8LL, 37 North Street, Wareham, Wareham BH20 4AG, DT11 8DH, Blandford Forum, Blandford Forum, Chapel Hill, Chapel Lane, Abbotsbury, Abbotsbury DT3 4JH, 33 Dorset Street, Blandford Forum, Blandford Forum DT11 7RG, Swanage Boat Park, Peveril Point Road, Swanage BH19 2BB, Old Harry Rocks, Studland, Studland, Studland BH19 3AN, East Wing Conygar House, Dorchester, Dorchester DT2 8LX, Cerne Abbas, Cerne Abbas, Dorchester DT2 7AL, 23 East Street, Corfe Castle, Corfe Castle BH20 5ED, Furzebrook Road, Wareham, Wareham BH20 5AR, Blandford Road, Blandford Forum, Blandford Forum, 34 High East Street, Dorchester, Dorchester DT1 1HA. Hercules stands at Platform 1 having earlier arrived with the delayed 15:39 from Corfe Castle. Disclaimer: Event details are believed to be correct at time of publication. The end product was a simple solution incorporating a level of animation to alter the page every 10 seconds or so. at https://blog.realtimetrains.com/2019/10/swanage-diesel-gala-2019/. ", I hear you say. While D7535 stands at Platform 1 having recently arrived with the delayed 15:32 from River Frome Bridge. Click on images for a bigger view.. CSS3 animations were used for nearly all dynamic elements on the pages, with the exception of when a new service was to appear or to remove a departed service. Class 50 50007 'Hercules' This year, the plan was to be a bit brighter, bolder and, well, different. I've been working on this layout commission for much of the year alongside Become a Member, add your Business Listing Today! – Ex-LSWR T9 Class ‘30120’. You can follow him on Twitter. Class 33 33111. Scale OO / 1:76 ↩︎. – Ex-SR Bulleid Battle of Britain Class ‘34072’ 257 Squadron. This makes use of the Realtime Preserved Trains technology that has been in development for about 6 years. The departure boards were a fairly simple web page (I say that now, it took about 4 days to code to get right) that had its content refreshed every few seconds through Javascript. If the service also had a rear locomotive, then about half way through the train would animate forward in order to show the rear locomotive. He works on Realtime Trains, RailMiles and consultancy projects for clients. Class 31 97205. The theme this year was Railfreight and the loco line-up was as follows: Here are some of the photos that I took during a visit on Friday. Here the Class 31 has been uncoupled to allow the Class 50 to take the train on to Swanage. Announcements were on a pre-determined script, agreed by the railway, which were similar to their pre-existing announcements and generated dynamically putting in the appropriate data for a train. Automatic announcements were delivered over socket.io and were generated reactively on server by the lifecycle of a vehicle moving. An announcement without pausing does not sound all that good, but perhaps that is down to the way systems work. This is a concept from Realtime Preserved Trains, and we’ll explain that in a later post. Another view of the Class 59, standing beside a Class 08 and the station's Bird's Nest Buffet Car. The theme this year was Railfreight and the loco line-up was as follows: Class 25 D7535. I believe this was meant to have been the 17:15 to Norden although, by then, any semblance of a timetable was out the window, really. I’ve included a video below from one of the days of testing. I’m always quite interested in technical challenges and seeing if it’s possible for a preserved line to do something better than the mainline. And here she is, about to cross over to the siding while, in the background is Class 26, 26007. With no runaround facility at the Bridge, trains were topped and tailed from Corfe Castle and it was doubtless this procedure that led to ever-increasing delays during the day. Class 26 26007. Class 50, 50026 'Indomitable' is seen in the sidings at Swanage. Swanage Diesel Gala 2019 Published 6 October 2019 by Tom Cairns at https: //blog ... Back in May, we spent our third year providing realtime information at Swanage Railway’s annual Diesel Gala and Beer Festival event. The Class 26 is now on hire to Swanage Railway until September.

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