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Unfortunately, Excel doesn’t have a built-in tools to handle this scenario, but you can use VBA to build this feature on your own. So, I'll add a new column, with a formula to calculate the number of days there are before the expiry date. ", (Your e-mail address is not shared with anyone, ever.). This thread is locked. I have an excel worksheet that I need to set an expiration date on so that when the expiration date occurs the file is rendered useless and they must contact me to get a new version of the file. I even tried it on a new Excel worksheet with very small amount of data but still same. On the Home tab of the Excel Ribbon, choose General or Number as the Number Format. If you don't want to open the Expiry Dates workbook every day, you could link those summary cells to another workbook – one that you DO open every day. have a look here, http://www.vbaexpress.com/kb/getarticle.php?kb_id=379, Private Sub Workbook_Open() Prefer using this approach if you want the expiration date to be set automatically when the user opens the workbook for the first time. If you want more Excel and VBA tips then sign up to my monthly Newsletter where I share 3 Excel Tips on the first Wednesday of the month and receive my free Ebook, 30 Excel Tips.. You may want to set an expiration date for a workbook and prevent access for when creating a trial application, or simply ensuring that the application data is up to date. but as noted it isn't robust.     MsgBox "This workbook trial period has expired. Select this cell, click Home – Conditional Formatting – New Rule. Dim Pword As String, response As String I like the idea, but i don't know how to do that or if I even can. Otherwise, anyone removing the expiration date control will be able to circumvent this protection. The simplest way is to hold down the "Shift" key when opening the file. :), Very good tipNow say I want to extend the expiry date by one more yearIs there a way to do that without sending themAnother excel fileAny ideas or workarounds. You’ll be prompted to upload hope it helps . Based on the result in the DaysToExpiry column, we can highlight the expiry dates which are 30 days (or less) from today. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. My sample file also has a Summary sheet -- it shows the total count of expiry dates, and the number that are expiring soon. HI I am using Smartshseets and i have to apply conditional formatting on the date like if i have set whatever date i used after 14 days they automatically changed color. More Expiry Date Warnings is this possible? When the project opens, it will check today’s date against the expiration date and immediately close the program (Code below). I am trying to set up an data base that notifies me when insurances are expiring, I have tried to use your information and resources to create mine-I cannot make the summary page work -that would show instant totals of expired policies; as apparently I do not know enough, and the directions seem to skip all the tiny necessary steps....can I see a more in-depth resource on this? A couple of the rows have expiry dates in the past, and those rows show number signs in the DaysToExpiry column. Your email address will not be published. Then, remember to change the Expiry Date, so you'll get a warning next year too. It's important to keep track of those dates, so here's an example of how to monitor expiry dates in Excel, and see what needs to be renewed soon. To protect your VBA code, follow the steps: © Pagos, Inc. - All rights reserved - Privacy Policy - Terms of Use. Using a mouse in Excel is the work equivalent of wearing a lanyard when you first get to college. But where would I insert the Suicide code in this code so the file is deleted after 30 days? In fact, many people have written entire application programs using VBA with Excel as the framework. You are using an out of date browser. Tried this numerous times but just get 'False'. JavaScript is disabled. Although, this security method isn’t enough for an experienced user, your file will be safe for most Excel users. Before starting, we should mention that VBA-based solutions are never foolproof. Multiple lines) of data coming from multiple worksheets. (gif, jpeg or png only, 5MB maximum file size), Notify me about new comments ONLY FOR THIS TIP, Notify me about new comments ANYWHERE ON THIS SITE, Please refer to If you do program development in Excel, you may be wondering if there is a way to write your program so that it will no longer work after a specific date. Excel can't convert negative numbers to dates, so it shows those number signs instead. Just open the workbook every day, and renew those subscriptions, as soon as they're highlighted. [h=1]Is it possile to Set Expirition Date for my project which will enable to open up the file with a password.....?[/h]. If you used the first routine, then the initial date is set when the code first runs, but you could replace it if you wanted: This is good information, and I could use it. This article is written for users of the following Microsoft Excel versions: 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Excel in Office 365. Those have to be renewed every year, so that you don't arrive at the office one day, and find out that you can't use Excel. Click the Format button, and choose a fill colour to highlight the rows with upcoming Expiry dates, Click OK to close the Format window, then click OK to close the New Rule window. Your email address will not be published. Th macro calculates the dynamic expiration date by summing up the current date and the constant specifies number of days until expiration (NUM_DAYS_UNTIL_EXPIRATION). Macros allow you to perform all sorts of file-related operations. Enter your address and click "Subscribe. by Ilker | May 27, 2020 | Excel Tips & Tricks. The following code checks if the current date (Date) is greater than expiration date (exp_date). For Excel; you didn't say which Office application, this bit of code would ask for a password that changes on a date you specify but as noted it isn't robust. I have found this very useful, however I am trying to set up either a report or email alert on multiple expiries over several column and rows on a worksheet. This site is for you! How to lock a cell in Excel formula using VBA, How to make Excel capitalize first letter using VBA, How to delete named range Excel using VBA, How to delete Excel shapes (AutoShapes) using VBA, How to Make Excel Show Formula Bar or Hide It. In the standard date system for windows, based on the year 1900, where January 1, 1900 is the number 1. You must log in or register to reply here. This approach assumes that you want to prevent workbook usage after the specified date. Copy this code block into the ThisWorkbook object of your file and edit the exp_date variable to set a date. be reduced. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Let’s check both. Hi This means that January 1, 2050 is the serial number 54,789. If you are calculating a date n days in the future, you can add days directly as … Doing so stops the Auto_Open macro from running. And the funny thing is, it highlights some other numbers instead. our ExcelTips site focusing on the menu interface. ExcelTips is your source for cost-effective Microsoft Excel training. Input the formula “ =B2-TODAY ()<=10 ” …     ThisWorkbook.Close savechanges:=False

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