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At the age of 12, I started working with a fishing company - deep sea fishing for Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Marlin and Sail Fish. In the meantime, please send us your favorite photos and stories from the time you have spent with us – we may include them in our newsletter or post on our blog or social media pages. Offering top guiding services for tarpon fishing in the Gulf of Mexico on the Northwest coast of the Yucatan. Pine Island offers many enjoyable activities, including outstanding fishing and boating, an excellent golf course, a local museum, nature trails, and art galleries. The Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island offers lodging, meals, and the best guides to help pursue tarpon and more. Posted on July 27, 2017 By The Wells Family Cabbage Key, Events, Fishing, Newsletter, Tarpon Lodge Restaurant, Weddings, Wine Tasting. The Rio Indio Lodge is truly an incredible paradise nestled atop a river bank only minutes from the Ocean. }); Rio Indio a 600 metros del Muelle92500 Greytown Rio San Juan, Nicaragua, “The use and evolution of non-invasive techniques towards the Tarpon and its environment has been our mission for years and our objective in several trips to other points of the Caribbean.”, “Our objective is to offer a service oriented towards ecotourism and sport fishing backed by more than 20 years of experience”. We have always been fishing guides, with years of experience guiding our customers along the bright blue Caribbean coast and tea-stained river waters to the very best spots for catching the giant silver Tarpon fish. This area is a nature preserve, the second largest preserved rainforest in Nicaragua, and most of the jungle is off-limits to visitors with no trails and no tours. Take your next vacation in one of the last pure natural areas in the world! Get fortified with a complimentary continental breakfast at the 1926-built historic lodge building before heading out for the day. During the day we’d weave in and out of mangroves and across shallow bays, then come ashore at dinnertime, check in to a waterfront lodge, then paddle and fish again the next day. This offers a safe haven for hundreds of exotic birds and mammals, like jaguars, giant anteaters, and macaws, keeping them safe from the incessant march of the modern world on their ancient environments. Location. Right across the street from the Tarpon Lodge is the Calusa Heritage Trail, where Indian shell mounds are reminders of the native civilization that once thrived by utilizing the natural resources of both the land and sea. Sometimes the best moment is the one you don’t expect, waiting on the river shores in the early morning as a school of gleaming, hungry snook comes up the river with the tide. { Posted on February 16, 2013 By Florida Travel & Life Cabbage Key, Fishing, Restaurant Reviews. In addition to an array of exciting ecotourism activities, the waters of Nicaragua are teeming with exotic fish, a dream for any adventurous sport fisherman. Come to visit us! The news of enormous tarpon travels fast. I have been to PR almost yearly for 35 years and had no idea that such big tarpon swam the mangrove lined canals and estuaries right in San Juan's backyard. The Perfect Combination of Sun, Tarpon and Beach. Whether it’s taking a photo of a manatee or landing a Giant Tarpon, we want you to leave feeling you’ve had the experience of a lifetime. But my love for flat fishing has always remained strong and now I hope to share this passion with you as we expore the fishing flats of Roatan for Permit and Bone Fish. Because of this limited availability, it is important to contact us ASAP if you are thinking of scheduling a trip. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Catch a local fishing report from Captain Erik Flett, Native Attitude Charters. Our lives are inextricably intertwined with the ecosystem of Southeastern Nicaragua, and while we love showing its beauty off to visitors, we also work hard to preserve its ecological wonder for other generations. (You’re so close that the waves will lull you to sleep.) THE ROUTINE > FROM DAWN TO DUSK. Our event turned out just over 300 people of whom the TL staff feed and papered too! Tarpon is what we’re known for, so we call ourselves a Tarpon Lodge, but our staff also includes experience bird and field survival guides, leading once-of-a-lifetime expeditions into the gorgeous Rio Maiz Biological Reserve. There are unique opportunities for other species such as Monster snooks, Snappers, Tiger bass, Rainbow Bass also know as Guapote fishing… But the gleaming silver scales of the Tarpon are our most popular attraction. I recently had the opportunity to stay at Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island, Florida for a fishing tournament. THE STORY > ONCE UPON A TIME. We do hook many 150lb + tarpon every season on the fly. The Rama Garden Fishing Lodge is the attainment of a dream, an opportunity to have that adventure you’ve always wanted. “I think it’ll work,” Jack said, after researching some nautical charts and regional websites. THE TRIP > HOW, WHERE & WHEN. Our company hosted a fishing tournament and family fun day at Tarpon Lodge on June 17th & 18th. It wasn’t exactly a heroic off-the-grid adventure. This time I didn’t pass it up! In addition to sports fishing, Rama Garden offers a variety of unforgettable tours. We have incredible big tarpon sports fishing, either in the sparkling blue waters of a Caribbean beach or in the colorful waters of a river outlet. Discover more about the Río San Juan eco-tours. Tarponville offers the best chance at some of the most powerful Tarpon you will ever encounter. The lodge and accommodations were breathtaking only to be trumped by the incredible Tarpon fishing and Snook fishing to be had just a short boat ride from the docks. Everyone lands at Cabbage Key Inn to kick back with the locals and country music star, Casey Weston and local favorite Taylor Goyette. We are proud of our Caribbean Coast and the waters of Nicaragua, and love to share that pride and respect with our guests. They take us fishing in a Sea Hunt BX24 BR. On the other hand, there is the fish packed River Cuanza. Enjoy a Lovely Four Star Dining Experience Our team of professional fishing guides will give you one of the best angling experiences of your life on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.

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