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Apaixonado pela "Bigscreen" e por tudo que é novidade. Additionally, she portrays the Earth-2 version of the character, Linda Park/Dr.,, The original character was created by William Messner-Loebs and Greg LaRocque and first appeared in The Flash (Volume 2)#28., Linda Park was portrayed by Mariko Tse. Universe Information Besides that Linda is almost too ditzy and her forced humor quickly got annoying, with fans quickly calling for her to be written out of the show. Her relationship with Wally grew, but not to a point where she was really sure about anything. Abilities Journalism Notes This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series The Flash and is an adaptation of Linda Park. Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD: Matt Willig escalado como Lash! During the fight inside the museum with the three villains, Linda was sucked into the dimension of mirrors by one of Mirror Master's mirrors, and The Flash went in after her to rescue her, only to find himself facing millions of mirrors that could take him years to find the actual exit point. In Infinite Crisis #4, a battle with Superboy-Prime caused Wally to disappear. Linda and Wally later married. At the end of that night, the couple shared a kiss, with Linda affirming another date. Donning Dr. Light's suit, helmet and gloves created by Cisco Ramon to simulate Light's powers, she was trained to practice her accuracy by shooting cardboard cutouts of The Flash. The seven Legionaries were sent back in time on a secret mission, in which they were to use seven lightning rods, which would be struck by lightning, killing one member and resurrecting another. After many obstacles—such as Wally nearly being killed by the Black Flash and Linda being abducted and all memory of her erased by Abra Kadabra (the last requiring the aid of an alternate version of Wally to return home and convince Kadabra to reverse the spell)—they marry.[2]. [6], Following the events of Flashpoint, Wally and Linda's relationship is erased from existence as the 'original' Wally West is replaced by a younger, biracial version of himself. Primeiro Batman antes de Bruce Wayne. Afterwards, she again interviewed The Flash, while inadvertently confessing her attraction to him again, much to Wally's shy appreciation. As they turned the accelerator on and it became unstable, she continued to report. He defeated Kobra, and destroyed the geothermal tap which provided power to his countless minions across the country. Using Rick's notes, Wally was able to put together a counter-spell, which was successful in driving the Daemoniacus back to its home dimension. Linda Park (also Linda Park-West) is a fictional character in the DC Universe. [3], On their third date, Linda cancelled Barry's plans to go out in favor of simply making out with him in his living room. Later, she rejected Eric Larkin's request to interview a football player, as the latter abuses steroids and hit his wife. MaleseJowirá retornar para TheFlash comoLindaPark, como o Entertainment Weeklyrelatou hoje. The villain tells Linda of her plan to kill her and take over her life. Linda Park is the girlfriend and later wife of Wally West, the third Flash. Human [3], After talking with Iris, Linda considered calling things off, believing Barry still had feelings for Iris. One Day covering the opening of The Flash Museum in Central City, whose desire to be with The Flash was accidentally picked up by the news camera when she thought she was off the air. Fortunately, Batman fired a flare into one of the Mirror Master's mirrors, which helped The Flash and Linda return to the real world in the Flash Museum.

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