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So, it's a whopping 1 proof. Somehow though, despite a whopping 14 grams of sugar, the sweetness of the pineapple gets totally overwhelmed. 365 Everyday Value® By Category. Organic Classic Kombucha. Vegan. So maybe you’ve heard about this alcoholic drink they sell at Whole Foods that’s good for you, right? Find a store. Rosé Hard Kombucha, 16 fl oz. We asked one who was shopping at the store. Don’t let that pretty picture fool you, the first words out of my mouth when I tried this were, “Oh God, it’s awful." It tastes like the half-gallon of fruit juice that you forgot about in the back of the fridge and that almost exploded when you tried to open the cap three weeks after its expiration date. Which is why Multi-Green is so misleading; despite being decidedly frog-colored, it tastes like unsweetened iced tea and water. Which is, well, what we did. See All. Cranberry Enlightened Kombucha, 16 fl oz. Strands of this culture may appear.” Which means, basically, that you may find yourself swallowing a slimy trail of live kombucha culture along with your alcohol. 100% Certified organic and gluten free. and found it had fermented SO much that it started to carbonate? Dairy Free + See More. This drink reminds me a little of those street taco vendors who advertise “meat” tacos but when you ask what kind of meat, their only response is, “just meat.” The Citrus label doesn’t give you any idea what fruits are in it. GT's Kombucha. Gluten Free. When you drink anything with the word “green” in it, you’re expecting a liquefied version of all the veggies mom force-fed you as a kid. When you take a sip, you taste absolutely nothing but the first two. Breads, Rolls, & Bakery + See More. oz. It's originally Chinese (although today a large percentage of the stuff in the US is made by a California company, Synergy Drinks), and it reportedly maintains all kinds of magical healing powers. It would absolutely crush it -- a lot of pickled ginger in there. JUNESHINE. GT's Kombucha. Remember the “bad” kid on your little league team, who used to say shit like, “If you put pink Starburst in that bottle of strawberry Gatorade, then leave it under your bed for, like, a month, it’ll get you SERIOUSLY messed up?” He’s making prison wine now. Organic. Really, the only downside to this one is the name will have that song “Jumper” stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Remember Thanksgiving dinner as a kid when you got bored because who cares about the Detroit Lions, and you started doing crazy stuff like throwing leftover cranberry sauce in your parents’ half-finished glasses of sparkling white wine? Pantry Essentials. GT's Kombucha. Which is too bad. Just replace the caffeine with alcohol. "It’s at your local Whole Foods market, on tap at all the trendy coffee shops and restaurants, and it has even made an appearance on mommy blogs. If you can get past that, it tastes like a carbonated, watered down chai tea latte mixed with pumpkin spice. In a period of fewer than six weeks, Field said they packed and shipped out … But that concoction he suggested tastes just like this. There is some serious raspberry action going on here. This kit comes with everything you’ll need to make it at home." Vegetarian. This one reminded us of a fifth-grade science experiment, where a kid puts an entire box of Zotz in a bottle of water, lets it sit for a week, and then explodes it in front of the whole class. Inventory may be temporarily unavailable due to increased demand. GT's Kombucha . Brew Dr. Kombucha… Health-Ade. GTS. Organic Enlightened Koffe Kombucha, 16 fl. GT's Kombucha. Yeah, the yum's been skunked right out of those berries. Filters. As a drink, this leaves a lot to be desired. The crazy fermented probiotic stuff in the giant cooler next to the wine, that'll not only give you a cool buzz but detox the f&%k out of you in the process? GT's Kombucha. It tasted a little more like green tea than the Hemingway favorite but was smooth and, thankfully, less carbonated than some of the other flavors.

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