traditional and modern methods of harvesting crops

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The most common methods are: Poles are placed firmly in the ground, and two slats are nailed at right angles to each other about 50 cm above ground on each pole. The wooden boxes will be rigid and their capacities will be different. In few situations, if the shipping of the produce should be done to markets which are at distant locations to get a good price, the fruits and vegetables have to be picked in a mature stage but when they do not ripen. Where post-threshing drying is less efficient, the curing period lasts about 7-14 days so the pods will be drier at threshing time. The PC/ICE Small Farm Grain Storage manual contains design details and guidelines for many types of improved storage. Unless the air is very hot and dry, a point is eventually reached beyond which no further drying occurs. The Ransomes Cobmaster twin-feed pedal-operated sheller has an hourly output of 750-900 kg. By hand: The plants are pulled from the ground manually after loosening the soil with hand tools. There would be a heavy loss economically if harvesting, transportation, and distribution of fruits and vegetables are not done properly. Studies have shown that damaged kernels spoil two to five times more rapidly during storage than undamaged ones. The drying of bulbs is done for seven days by keeping them in shade. The Virginia types have a lengthy seed dormancy period which prevents this. Polyethylene bags are used for the package of banana bunches and their transportation is done to the packing house by making use of mechanic cableways which are passing through the plantation of banana. Some storage insects like the maize weevil, rice weevil, and angoumis grain moth which attack cereal grains and the bruchid beetles that attack pulses, have wings and can infest grain in the field. Two to four row setups are common, and some of the pullers will combine two or more rows into one windrow for curing. Traditional vs Modern Farming . The Small Farm Grain Storage manual contains a very complete section on rodent control. On the other hand, farmers can use leafy plants for lifestock feed after harvest. Each level has an opening through which the grain can be taken out when required. Under traditional methods, the plants are cured (dried) in the field for up to 4-6 weeks before threshing. Some of them can be made virtually airtight. Besides this, rodents and even birds eat the grains. The primary stage in crop harvesting consists of two groups of tasks: removal of the bulk plant material (cutting grains and grasses, digging up tubers, pulling flax, and gathering fruits and berries) and subsequent processing. In fact, most of these 40-60 flowers usually bloom near the end of the flowering period, although there maybe several "bursts" of flowering. This is because they are durable and will last for several years. Some of the traditional water harvesting systems are discussed below: 1. Beating: Dry ears are placed in bags and beaten with sticks. In tests under wet conditions, seed germination fell to 50 percent or lower within three weeks after maturity, and preharvest fungicide sprays were of little benefit in preventing this. Modern methods of crop harvesting make use of machine systems that eliminate or reduce manual labor. The windrows are dried for 5-10 days before threshing with tractor-drawn or selfpropelled threshers. By hand: The mature plants are pulled from the ground and placed in piles for drying. Loose: Threshed grain can be safely stored in silos or bins for up to a year at 25-30°C and 70 percent relative humidity if grain moisture is not above 13.0-13.5 percent for maize and sorghum, and 16 percent for millet. This is really a good app which gives us a full of knowledge about any topic Future progress will largely depend on how the developing world handles two key issues: Agricultural extension workers will have a central role in this effort to extend the benefits of the Green Revolution. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Modern farming technology is used to improve wide range of production practices employed by our farmers. Image Guidelines 5. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. The conventional approach of trying to integrate the small farmer into a modern agribusiness system usually fails (as it did in the U.S.). However, storage insects vary in their susceptibility to different insecticides and resistance to Lindane and Malathion has become a problem in many areas. Storage practices: Storing new grain next to old grain or using storage facilities or sacks that have not been disinfected are sure ways of inviting infestations. The calyx which is fleshy and a piece of the stalk will be left attached to brinjal. Pod shattering: Spillage of seeds from drying pods that split can be a problem, but losses are not usually serious unless harvest is delayed. How to estimate the final weight of grain after drying, Final grain weight after drying = [% dry matter before drying / % dry matter after drying ] x original weight. The harvesting of custard apples is done in a manual method. This has to be done in a careful manner at the correct time without causing any damage to the fruits. In most sorghum-growing regions in developing countries, maturity often coincides with the start of the dry season, and the crop may be left standing in the field to dry for a number of weeks before harvest. Let us discuss various harvesting techniques of vegetables and fruits in your farm/garden. • Birds: Most species prefer younger, softer grain but can still cause problems after maturity. Ladders will be used more often for harvesting tall trees. The black layer may form much earlier in the maize plant's growth cycle if growing conditions are adverse. Vegetable oil: The oils of peanuts, sesame, coconut, cottonseed, and mustard-seed have given excellent protection from bruchid infestation in beans and cowpeas when added at the rate of 0.5-1.0 percent (5-10 ml per kg of seed). Supplemental heat from either sunlight or fuel can be very effective at improving the drying ability of cool air if it is very damp (high relative humidity). Cobs must be husked first. The grain may end up at a lower, safer moisture content for storage and keep in better condition. If cutter blades are used, they should be kept sharp and be set at a slight forward pitch to aid in lifting the plants and loosening the soil. These bins have the dimensions of 50 x 38 inches in the United States and 140 x 120 cm in the countries which have metric systems. The choice of harvesting date can easily make a 400-500 kg/ha difference on a high yielding crop. Original harvester of sapota called as Dapoli has to be put in use in order to avoid the losses which occur in the post harvest. The trimming of roots is done and the carrots are washed prior sending them to the market. Later on, most of the cashew nuts will be collected in the trees. This is quicker but less thorough than hand shelling and may cause damage. Most small farmers prefer to let the maize dry down further in the field first. Earlier harvesting also permits earlier land preparation and planting of the next crop. The ultimate stages of crop production are harvesting and storage. In some cases, the plants are kept in the stacks until kernel moisture is down to 8-10 percent. Supported by a "package" of complementary improved practices involving factors like fertilizer use, pest control, and plant spacing, the new varieties were adopted in many developing regions. Peanuts may become bitter if dried at temperatures above 32-35°C, and overdrying increases splitting and skin slippage during shelling. The layer can be checked by pinching off some kernels from the bracts that hold them to the head and examining their bases.

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