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How did we decide on that keyword phrase? See, confirm each agent has exceptional destination knowledge and insider connections. I’ve been working in the travel industry (or traveling) as long as I can remember. They get extra coaching to keep their services at world-leading levels. Now let's get to the business of travel agency websites! inspire our partners to develop outstanding custom packages and best-practice client services. For over 30 years, the professional travel agents at American Tourist Travel Agency have been planning all-inclusive vacations, charters, tours and vacation packages for individuals, families and groups, and we'd love to do the same for you. Enjoy... Iconic Italy features images of the Colosseum in Rome and the Duomo in Florence, gondolas cruising the Grand Canal in Venice and the paradisiacal rolling hills of Tuscany. but with that comes more complexity. First things first. We research the keywords for our blog topics for every article before coming up with the title of the blog AND the URL. Most places that sell domains also offer their own website building program but we recommend sticking to the travel agency website options we went over in this article. I would say the learning curve is pretty easy for both types. The dreamlike landscape of the red sands in the Australian Outback contrasts the vast glaciers of New Zealand’s South Island, highlighting two distinct but simultaneously immersive natural beauties. Content: The biggest benefit of third party travel agency websites is the content! Bask in the enticing aroma of the Pacific and indulge in luxurious accommodations. The templates are customizable in terms of color, designs and fonts which make them top rated. She does her research too. SEO: You’ll want to check your developers credentials to see if they have experience designing websites with SEO in mind or if they work with an SEO expert to make sure your site is in tip-top shape. All the files of your site have to be stored somewhere! When you’re editing a page in a CMS, you’re not really sure what the design aspect will look like until you preview or publish your page. Sell Products If you have booking engines on your site, you’re allowing clients to book their own travel on their own 24/7 without having to contact you. Thank you for a once in a lifetime trip for our family... We had an amazing experience traveling through Egypt and Jordan with this travel company! If you want to dive more deeply into the world of SEO here are a few resources we recommend. Many CMSs offer their own hosting as well. An alt image description should have the topic of the page (if applicable) as well as anything else that is pertinent to the image. You will need to customize the sections of your site that are specific to your agency, like your about us page or your meet the team page. We’ve asked oodles of agents what they like and dislike about their travel agency websites. Maybe you're planning your honeymoon. But don’t despair! Tip: For design, headers are usually somewhat different from each other in size, color, font decoration (italics, bold), or fonts (beware you don’t get too crazy with the differences though). Buy travel agency website templates from $3. These tours and travels website templates offer images that are provided by no less than the best graphic artists, saving you the time and trouble of looking for them on your own. Should include the topic of your page using some of your keywords. We totally get that you’re a travel agent—which doesn’t have a lot in common with a web developer—and your time is best spent selling and researching travel, not different travel agent website programs. I recognize my bias here and that this is a clear sign I am a Millennial but according to a Forbes article nearly half of U.S adults said they Googled someone before doing business and 56% found something that solidified their decision to do business with the person. Neat, huh? If you’re going for “Minneapolis destination wedding travel agent” or “Disney travel agent”, that phrase should have a decent keyword density on that page. Ask yourself what would someone type into the search engines if they wanted to find the answers I’m giving on this specific page? We were blown away by her wonderfully descriptive itinerary - so beautifully written that I was carried away just reading it. Your OLA website makes you the link between travelers and travel suppliers. Cost depends on how much space you need but for a typical website, expect to pay <$10/month. Just an FYI, you technically don’t own the domain, you’re renting it so don’t let it lapse or someone could take your domain! Costs for custom emails are about $5/month. My favorite thing? Advertising Disclaimer: This post on travel agency websites contains advertising links. And it’s not just the HAR perspective here. Crafted for 2020-2021, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Athens and the Greek Islands, combining remarkable archaeological sites, magnificent beaches, white washed villages, scrumptious food and great shopping! What’s a keyword? American Tourist Travel | 856.227.9200 | WriteTransform("\u003cn uers=\"znvygb:nzrevpnagbhevfggeniry@pbzpnfg.arg\"\u003enzrevpnagbhevfggeniry@pbzpnfg.arg\u003c/n\u003e") You can search through included templates or ones designed by other people. Read our article on choosing a travel agency name for tips and promo codes! On the other hand, you might want to have someone build your travel agency website from the ground up and not have to worry about it. Pop us a note in the comments and we’ll send you over a code! WriteTransform("\u003cn uers=\"znvygb:nzrevpnagbhevfggeniry@pbzpnfg.arg\"\u003e\u003cfgebat\u003e\u003csbag fvmr=\"3\"\u003enzrevpnagbhevfggeniry@pbzpnfg.arg\u003c/sbag\u003e\u003c/fgebat\u003e\u003c/n\u003e"). "Acts as free matchmaking service for vacationers in search of travel agents", "Request bids from travel companies for tours in 110 countries...", "Make trip requests to a network of pre-qualified travel agents and tour operators.

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