turkish verb tenses

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Possession. Numbers. Alphabet. The infinitive is the mood of the verb without any conjugation. Plurals. Turkish verbs and tenses | Turkish Basics. Grammar. I am, You are. Verb Conjugation. In order to make a the Turkish infinitive, the suffix -mak or -mek is added to the verb root according to the last vowel of the verb root. Learning Turkish Verbs; Multiple Choice Exercise; Cross Link Exercise; Dictation; What are they Doing? Verbs. Home. Var and Yok. There are 4 main tenses in the Turkish language: The present continuous tense (şimdiki zaman) The present simple tense (geniş zaman) The past tense (geçmiş zaman) Conjugate any Verb; Pronunciation - Video Examples; How to use the Tenses - Phrases; Learn with Examples; Multiple Choice Exercise; Fill in the Right Type; Fill in the Endings; Verbs - Vocabulary.

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