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A PDF of the entire 2020-2021 Sumter catalog. Students can demonstrate this proficiency by successfully completing Phase II of the Proficiency Test or by successfully completing the 122 course, including the exit exam administered as part of that course. A PDF of the entire 2020-2021 Pharmacy catalog. Select a year below to view all major maps for that catalog year.2016-2017 / 2017-2018 / 2018-2019 / 2019-2020 / 2020-2021 / 2021-2022 / 2022-2023 / 2023-2024 / 2024-2025 / 2025-2026. The cognate must be approved by the major advisor as being related to the major field of study. Toggle navigation MENU About. BIOL 425 and BIOL 549may only be used for either the Physiology or Plant credit, not both. Biological sciences majors may enroll in a biological sciences major course a maximum of twice to earn the required grade of C or higher. A minimum grade of C is required in all major courses. Department of Biology and Geology Major Guide Sheets & Major Maps. (Some minors in the sciences require a minimum of 16 hours.) Major Map Repository . To be admitted to the biochemistry and molecular biology major, you must have earned at least 30 semester hours with a minimum 3.25 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Whichever is not fulfilled through the Carolina Core GHS requirement must be fulfilled through this college requirement. For cognate course offerings in other colleges, consult the appropriate sections of this bulletin. The cognate may be taken in one or more departments or programs, depending on the interests of the student and the judgment of the advisor. Minors are available in participating departments of the College of Arts and Sciences and in other colleges. Students will be trained to critically read and discuss primary literature and evaluate its validity (on an appropriate level). The PDF will include content on the Admissions tab only. Mission Statement ; Facilities & Equipment; Faculty & Staff Directory; Academics. Accordingly, please select one of the following: Note: PHYS 201 and PHYS 202 are recommended in addition to the above required courses. Further clarification on inapplicable courses can be obtained from the College of Arts and Sciences. Be in good standing, meet the admission requirements for a baccalaureate degree on the Columbia campus, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher. The subject area of the minor may be related to the major. For descriptions of specific minors, students should see the appropriate sections of the bulletin. The PDF will include content on the Major Map tab only. For Bachelor of Science degrees, grades of D are acceptable for completion of the cognate requirement, except where restricted by the major program. Curriculum Management, by email, tilfordj@mailbox.sc.edu, or phone, 803-777-1685. You can also elect to … A PDF of the entire 2020-2021 Undergraduate catalog. A student who wishes to enter the College of Arts and Sciences from another UofSC campus must fulfill one of the following requirements: Some programs in the College of Arts and Sciences have special admission requirements established by the department or committee that supervises the specific degree program, for example, Cardiovascular Technology, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Economics, Environmental Science, the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. Interdisciplinary Studies (College of Arts and Sciences), School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment, College of Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management, College of Information and Communications, Associate Degree Programs at Fort Jackson, Courses Acceptable for Social Science and Fine Arts or Humanities Credit in Degree Programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, Courses Acceptable for Cognate Credit in Degree Programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, Essentials of Organic Chemistry Laboratory I, Essentials of Organic Chemistry Laboratory II, Plant Form and Function (optional lab available), Advanced Human Physiology (optional lab available), Comparative Physiology (optional lab available), Survey of the Plant Kingdom (optional lab available), Plant Development (optional lab available). No courses of a remedial, developmental, skill-acquiring, or vocational nature may apply as credit toward degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Major maps include universal terminology, a standard program of study, and a common 8-semester template. A Major Map is a layout of required courses in a given program of study, including Carolina Core Stand Alone or Overlay Eligible Requirements — Overlay-approved courses offer students the option of meeting two Carolina Core components in a single course. Interdisciplinary minors can be designed with the approval of the assistant dean for academic affairs and advising. please contact: Resources for Transfer Student Advisory Council, Prospective and Incoming Freshmen Students, Training & Professional Development Events, Undergraduate Academic Advisor Career Ladder. A PDF of the entire 2020-2021 Union catalog. A PDF of the entire 2020-2021 Lancaster catalog. The PDF will include content on the Requirements tab only. 2020-2021 Lancaster Catalog. A major map is a layout of required courses in a given program of study, including critical courses and suggested course sequences to ensure a clear path to graduation. At the University of South Carolina you can choose from hundreds of areas of study, pursue degrees from bachelor's to doctorate and even customize your experience with accelerated or dual degree programs. ​It is strongly recommended that students continuing the study of a foreign language begin college-level study of that language in their first semester and continue in that language until their particular foreign language requirement is completed. A PDF of the entire 2020-2021 Law catalog. You will develop a broad base of skills in chemistry, plant and animal science, cellular and molecular biology, ecology and evolution. Note: At least three courses applied toward the major must have an associated laboratory. template should download a fillable copy below. Explaining the Carolina Core during Advisement. You can also filter by college, school or degree type to find your perfect program. or would like to discuss developing a major map for programs of study in your college/school, Some major programs have specific cognate requirements. 2020-2021 Graduate Catalog.

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