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If you still can’t see your flash drive, yet it’s partitioned, make sure it has a drive letter. When the disk is disabled, follow the steps below to Enable it: STEP 1. If it works on the new USB port or computer, the USB port may be damaged or dead, or the computer itself may have a problem. Try rebuilding the icon cache. If you’re using Windows, updating the operating system comes with important files that support different hardware and devices, plus fixes to any errors you may encounter. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('snhb-sidebar_3-0'); }); Welcome to Help Desk Geek- a blog full of help desk tips for IT Professionals and geeks. ( mark down the number of the simple volume whose drive letter you want to assign), At the DISKPART prompt, enter "select volume n[volume's number]" (Select the volume whose drive letter you want to assign), At the DISKPART prompt, enter "assign letter=N" (N stands for the drive letter you want to assign), 2. Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by broham, Dec 19, 2010. broham Lurker. Click on "Enable Device" button > "OK”. This is a power-saving setting that helps reduce battery use by cutting power to your USB stick when it’s plugged in. > Find "Unknown USB Device" and right-click on it. Sometimes, an external hard drive connected but not showing because the drive is offline. Select option. Type "devmgmt.msc" on the run box to open "Device Manager”. Choose "Computer Management', and locate your disk in "Disk Management". USB is an extensively adopted technology that allows us to plug lots of devices into our computers every day. To fix these external hard drive issues, this troubleshooting post will be helpful for you. Press "Windows"key + "R"and enter "devmgmt.msc" on the run box. Other causes like faulty hardware, dead system controller or USB ports require professional assistance from your device manufacturer or a certified computer technician. Press "Windows"+ "R" on the keyboard to activate run box. 1. We’ve rounded up some effective solutions that can work when you’re experiencing USB connection issues. Are you sure that it hasn't simply been moved to the hidden icons section of the Notification Area (e.g. A faulty, damaged or dead USB port presents problems such as failure to detect USB drives or displays error messages. Next, click on "Scan" button after selecting your USB/external drive. FonePaw uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. this is what my file contains : [AutoRun] Icon=Omid.ico Label=Omid and it is copied to the flash drive as well as the icon file. Protect Yourself From Tech Support Scams Someone knows how to fix this? Android Data Recovery; Broken Android Data Extraction; Android Data Backup & Restore, iPhone Data Recovery; iOS System Recovery; iOS Data Backup & Restore. Do not prod about with anything if there is something in there. To fix the problem, please try following methods. 3. Recover data from hard drive that is not showing. technical support services. To manage the data on USB/external hard drive, read here: How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive (Step-by-Step Guide), How to Backup iPhone/iPad to an External Drive. Unlike case 1, USB or external hard drive sometimes is invisible in File Explorer or Disk Management, but it can be detected in Device Manager, for example,  an external HDD won't show up in explorer, but it shows in Device Manager. Most of these also apply to different devices such as disk drives, mice, video game controllers and more, which requires a connection via USB. This tool checks whether Windows will detect your USB stick. Read Elsie's Full Bio. If you click the up arrow (noted by ref arrow above) you should see Notification Area icons that have been moved to the hidden icons area due to inactivity. You may experience that your USB or external drive has been connected to the computer, but it is not showing in File Explorer or My Computer, but shows in Disk Management instead. Custom usb drive icon not appearing hello all I'm trying to make my usb drive icon reappear using an "autorun.inf" file. To ensure your drive isn’t powering down for any reason, disable this feature so that power management settings don’t override the USB controller, which makes Windows not detect it. Sometimes, the drive might not have been assigned a drive letter by Windows so that USB or external hard drive cannot show on File Explorer but in Disk Management. You may cause more damage. As we know, an update is created to fix some glitches for the previous version so as to make USB or external drive showing on My computer again. Otherwise, we hope this guide has helped ease the process, and you now know what to do when your USB drive isn’t showing up when you plug it in. SD Card Is Blank or Has Unsupported File System, How to Fix It and Recover Data? If your USB stick isn’t meant to work with your computer, then it won’t show up when you plug it in. STEP 4. At the DISKPART prompt, enter "list volume”. In this case, you can try to assign a drive letter to the USB or external hard drive in Disk Management. How To Whitelist Specific Devices On Your Home Network To Stop Hackers, How To Add Keyframes In Adobe Premiere Pro, Latest Automated Social Media Tools – Compared & Reviewed, Tribit Noise-Cancelling Headphones Review, The Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows or Mac, What Is a CFG File and How to Open It on Windows and Mac, How To Turn a Powerpoint Presentation Into a Video, The Most Common Video Formats and Codecs Explained, How To Change The Administrator On Windows 10, How To Install Android Apps Using The APK File, Try plugging into a different computer or USB port, Use Device Manager to scan for hardware changes, Create new drive volume and assign a drive letter, Check for your USB stick under primary or secondary disks. STEP 2. 3. To fix the problem, please try following methods. Also, check out our quick YouTube video above where we go through some of the solutions down below. Microsoft global customer service number. > Right-click on black bar of the invisible drive to choose "New Partition..."> Follow the instruction to finish the Partition. Click Privacy Policy to learn more. STEP 1. Make sure the USB or external hard drive is available. System Tray)? I appreciate you time and trouble. 4. 4. © 2014 - 2020 FonePaw Technology Limited, HongKong. STEP 3. Bree. This is a power-saving setting that helps reduce battery use by cutting power to your USB stick when it’s plugged in. Right-click on it and choose "Properties"> "View"tab. And then, follow the instructions again. To fix the issue, several methods can be listed below. Make sure that the hard drive is enabled and online. STEP 5. We hate spam too, unsubscribe at any time. Complete Guide to Format A Hard Drive on Windows 10/8/7, How to Download/Update Apple Mobile Device USB Driver When It is Missing. so what is the problem? Whenever I plug in any USB drive, it's icon shows up as blank icon in Windows explorer: I don't know how this happened, it doesn't affect anything except looking horrible. Others said that external hard drive shows in device manager but not disk management. If it is not showing up in Disk Management or File Explorer, you can try to plug it into other USB port of your computer. official Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an After restarting your PC, enable the USB controller again. When your USB/external drive does not show on file explorer on Windows 10/8/7, you can try to update its driver in Device Manager. Unplug the USB stick from the current port and computer, and try plugging into a different computer and/or USB port. Assign a Drive Letter to the USB/Hard Drive. Here we highly recommend you FonePaw Data Recovery which is capable of recovering data from USB/ external hard drive, supporting Window 10/8/7. Disable USB Selective Suspend Feature. STEP 1. It also shows you all the hard disks connected to your PC, and you can review information like partitions, sizes, and more. Although it’s quite easy to set up, sometimes it’s not all plug and play. (CMD) and type "diskpart". The Disk Management tool fixes partitioning and file system problems with different drives. Check your device’s instruction manual or packaging for compatibility information before trying again. Open "Device Manager"> Click the "Scan for hardware changes" icon on the menu. Right-click on the problematic device and select, Right-click the drive’s partition and click, If it doesn’t have an assigned drive letter, click. > Choose "Uninstall”. My name is Aseem Kishore and I am a full-time professional blogger. Copyright © 2008-2020 Help Desk, LLC All Rights Reserved. Provide an administrative passcode, if asked. Hey everyone I am an android noob and I need help. Help Desk Geek is part of the AK Internet Consulting publishing family. She writes about software, electronics and other tech subjects, her ultimate goal being to help people out with useful solutions to their daily tech issues in a simple, straightforward and unbiased style.

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