voter access project

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The primary information source for EU-funded projects since 1990: The Projects & Results Service is your one stop for information on EU-funded research projects and project results Voter registration is only the first step: we also have to make sure that registrants get on the rolls, and stay on the rolls. Our efforts have resulted in the protection of voting rights and ballot access for millions of Americans. As a result, campaigns only poll likely voters to see what issues they care about. Each state’s performance is based on 30 measurable metrics shown to affect accessibility and foster participation. Official State of New Jersey, Division of Elections, 2020 NJ Voter Information Portal website. The National Technical Assistance Center for Voting and Cognitive Access helps protection and advocacy systems, election officials and people with disabilities to make voting accessible for all citizens. Official State of New Jersey, Division of Elections website. Read more. More detailed analysis is provided in … The Center is managed and operated by leaders in the self-advocacy movement. Meet the Textile Artists Fundraising for Voting Access This Election Season and Beyond. Keep a 6ft. A UCLA voting rights organization helped oppose attempts to curb voter participation in Texas and Pennsylvania, according to a university press release. To address this need, the GoVoter project was established. The Voting Access Scorecard measures the accessibility of American elections by analyzing state election laws and practices. That’s why Project Vote works to protect eligible voters from wrongful purges, voter caging, and other dangerous efforts to “clean-up” the lists. Coronavirus is still active in NJ. Through our national Public Advocacy for Voter Protection Project (PAVP) and dozens of state-based volunteer activist teams, the League works year-round to combat voter suppression through advocacy, grassroots organizing, legal action and public education. Rooted in faith . Information on Novel Coronavirus. Voter Purges; Voter Roll Transparency; Interstate Matching Like many Muslims around the country working on protecting voter access for their community, Aziz and Alexander say their work is driven by the justice-oriented nature of their faith. GoVoter Project’s Two Primary Components. Wear a mask. The metrics were selected based on thorough research and extensive conversations with voting rights experts. Campaigns only target likely voters because campaigns have limited time and money they typically only communicate with people who are most likely to vote. Skip to main content. Join’s Climate Vote Project to: Turn out environmental voters to the polls.

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