wall mount garage door opener vs ceiling mount

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Wall-mount garage door openers. It has all the standard features of a Liftmaster opener … Wall-mount openers are installed on the wall next to the garage door. Available timers, rolling door codes, battery backup and MyQ can enhance overhead garage door openers’ performance. Frees up ceiling space for extra storage, light fixtures, ceiling fans and more! Wall mount … What makes a Jackshaft garage door opener different from other types of garage openers is the fact that it is attached to the wall next to the garage door instead of up on the ceiling. The all-new wall mount designed Genie garage door opener models 6170 & 6070 eliminate the traditional rail and powerhead design. Instead of a rail system and an overhead track, it is connected to the torsion bar of the garage door in order to move the garage door … Also, this opener is designed for garages with a small headroom. Also, because this is a wall-mount garage door opener, all that noise generated from the ceiling will be no more. This type of opener is connected to the door’s torsion bar to raise and lower the door. These wall mount models attach directly to the garage door… The NEW Genie Residential Wall Mount Garage Door Opener is now available at authorized Genie garage door opener dealers. Automatic Garage Door Lock deadbolts your garage door every time it closes. That’s because there will be no vibration on the roof. Includes Internet Gateway for smartphone control with myQ.

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