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Its burden will be more for the government utility’s 75 lakh-odd customers than the 25 lakh who have CESC connections (see chart). For the first time since Liberty came online (9 years ago) the disaster recovery (DR) was invoked and to everyone’s surprise, it was carried out with a downtime of less than 30 minutes. The regulator, whilst focused on the consumer’s interests, could foresee the value in introducing pre-payment metering. On 5th February, 2016, we achieved the milestone of 1,000,000 Liberty 100 meters in Great Britain. The Liberty system delivered to its expectations, and the utility decided to roll it out to a large number of customers A successful pilot was carried out in Oman for the Liberty pre-payment metering system in 2013. The proposed policy also provides for shifting to prepaid electricity metres, ban on deferring tariff hikes by regulators to distribution companies, and a renewable power exchange, the official said. The Liberty 100 solution is truly innovative and has been tested to collect data from more than 1 million metering points within minutes. How to View online WBSEDCL Bill? The new system also needed to gather meter readings remotely from millions of smart meters and to change tariffs, operate pre-pay etc. The tariff hike will raise CESC’s revenues by Rs 150 crore more and WBSEDCL’s by Rs 600 crore. After a trial installation in 2005 which showed substantial reduction of energy consumption, pre-paid meters were rolled out in 2007. After project implementation, revenue improvement was approx. An excerpt from the article, ‘An experiment with Power - prepaid electricity in Manipur reduces power theft; improves supply,’ written by Mr. Bibek Debroy:“People have been jailed for stealing electricity and tampering with meters. This was successful, as it addressed most of their challenges, and also the design is future proof. The meters were developed to meet the specific needs of the New Zealand market. The power situation has improved. The hike comes into effect retrospectively from April 1 this year. The team heard positive reviews from both utility engineers as well as users. Other keypad pre-payment systems were evaluated but we considered that they were not able to meet the specific needs of Time of Use and of money based displays.”Considering the overall success of the project, BPDB has extended the contract in 2013 for another period of 5 years. This was the first implementation by an Indian utility for online vending for Liberty. Liberty was an innovative keypad pre-payment system with a flexible vending system - allowing customers to buy energy over the phone, on the internet or from traditional vending outlets. While it has provided convenience to the end users, the utility has found the system useful to manage its arrears and to manage its customers more effectively. 2008 A million transactions monthly For the first time, the Liberty transaction servers reached the rare milestone of 1million transactions in a month. The procedures require that connections and changes to the system are requested in a secure and controlled manner. More and more customers are reluctant to clear their debt, which is making life difficult for ECG. This gives better control and maintains the security of the Liberty system. Thousands of meters have been installed in phases since 2014. A noticeable reduction in energy consumption (approx. Customer interested to subscribe for Prepaid broadband service should have Over the years, the owners and the end users have found the system user friendly and trust worthy. if desired.

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