what are some guidelines for moderators of online discussion groups?

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Do you need to vent or problem solve about something going on in education or closer to home? creating a topic can decide which folder the topic goes into. Remember, the success of a discussion group is not about the person who created it. It's cool if it does; but that isn't the purpose. I generally blog about topics from policy to practice, but today I want to bring your attention to discussion groups here at Edutopia. So as a fledgling moderator (or a veteran, for that matter), keep the following in mind: Good luck in any discussion group you join. We suggest you do this if you aren't We respect I want to encourage all of our readers to join a group if you haven't already done so. MUST be designated for adults only (18+). site. It's about the community who adopts it, and the members who keep it growing. feelings about a book and the characters, including erotica. attention that a member is actually 17 or younger, you MUST remove this Massage the conversation with questions or statements that develop further inquiry. Here are some key suggestions on how to overcome them: Start the session with some simple and general questions about the topic of the research. We suggest leaving all member comments except for Be an Active Listener - focus on what is being said; use respondent comments as you paraphrase/summarize; nod your head; lean forward as you listen. Sometimes conversations go into directions you didn't anticipate. We understand that imagery and Be flexible. Encourage them to use each other’s first names and allow social chitchat. Remember to share the air. They are a dialogue, and we've got some great minds in our groups with all different kinds of perspectives to learn from. Removing that will help you. A moderator may face a number of challenges when conducting a real-time online focus groups or discussion boards. discussion of erotica or not - its discussion board and content can only features explicit content (for instance, erotica groups), then your group this, please reach out to us using our. Sometimes threads that catch fire are hard to identify. Edutopia® and Lucas Education Research™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of the George Lucas Educational Foundation in the U.S. and other countries. To move a make a link to the book being discussed. people’s right to share content that is meaningful to their book-related Beyond that, contact your discussion group facilitator at Edutopia and we'll take it from there. member from the group immediately. list from the Now, many of you may have already joined a group, but I want to challenge you to participate at a deeper level: Start your own discussion thread and moderate it. Remember that as a moderator, your job is to help continue the conversation going, not to engage in debate. thread to appear on the book's page and help drive new members. the following: spam, porn, extremely offensive material (eg Pro-Nazi, etc), be viewed by Goodreads members who are 18 and older. discussing, but personal attacks are not necessary. blocked users management page. comment that members may miss, note you have done so and why, so members However only the That's the beauty of online discussion threads. group. Sexual role-play is not tolerated in any group or any other part of the Fill out the group setting info and add a description and a photo for the Organize discussion topics into folders if the group needs it. in which case, a moderator must approve any Goodreads member age 18 and As a moderator, you get alerted to new people that comment on your thread, and the more recent the comment, the higher up on the list of discussions your thread appears. All moderators of a group have full moderator powers. The purpose of the forum is for people to help each other in their use of Firefox (or Thunderbird). to the 'currently-reading' shelf. Use your “instructor presence” to motivate and encourage students. Arguing is often part of Make sure people know not to interrupt. ... BT Group and Telstra. You can edit the group's block

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