what are the benefits of copper infused mattress

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In the Bear Pro, the copper-infused layer of foam is the closest one to your body. The heat passes through, leaving the mattress cool and comfortable. In fact, there are at least 15 hospitals in the US that have installed. A well-endowed and supportive mattress will improve the quality of sleep. Also your website loads up super fast! Non-Biased January 9, 2019. During lengthy sleep schedules, many people experience both instances. Modern technology confirms the antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of copper. All these antibacterial properties make copper a perfect substance to use in everyday products, like a mattress. Considering this, a hot mattress or a heated room can get quite uncomfortable while sleeping. .hide-if-no-js { In fact, there are at least 15 hospitals in the US that have installed, or are considering installing, copper on easily contaminated surfaces such as toilet handles, faucets and sinks. We know copper makes the best mugs for Moscow mules and serves us well as the one-cent coin, but it’s so much more than that. Copper gel mattress helps improve your sleep so that you have a good night’s sleep. Learn about special deals and future product releases. Required fields are marked *. By supporting the shoulders, lower back and knees correctly, there’s less weight and pressure put on these crucial parts of the body, allowing them to relax while the body works to deliver healing properties made possible through the copper itself. There has been evidence that the users of the copper-infused mattress reported higher energy levels. Cannot be combined with other offers. Perfect For: Side,Back,Stomach sleeper The Benefits of Using a Copper Infused Pillow and Mattress. But there isn’t enough evidence yet to suggest that sleeping on a copper mattress will have a positive impact in these areas. The copper within the mattress kills the bacteria for better health. The internets’ only copper infused flippable hybrid. Accordingly, copper-infused mattresses, thus, give a newer, more profound meaning to beauty sleep. The copper compression makes it firmer, more supportive, and long-lasting. Specifically, mattresses with copper provide a natural way to create a cooler, cleaner sleeping environment. Some mattresses may weave copper filaments into the textile fibers, whereas some other mattresses, like the Bear Pro, infuse an entire layer of foam with copper. One of those situations that could be fun, but also a major hassle, is shopping for a mattress. Offering Free Delivery and Discounts! We are not here to insist that a copper infused mattress will heal your pain or improve your health, we don’t have the data to back up those claims. The Aztecs used copper compounds to treat headaches, ear infections and burns.  =  Rather, heat passes through the metal quite quickly, thereby dissipating heat away from the source. In 2008, the EPA registered five copper-containing alloy products, allowing them to be marketed with the label “kills 99.9% of bacteria within two hours.” For this reason, copper is often used in hospitals and doctor’s offices on door handles and other high-contact surfaces to prevent the spread of disease. Rest easy with 20% OFF our mattress and up to 2 FREE Pillows. Compatible for Bed Frame Size: Twin, Twin XL,Full, Queen, King, California King Copper is still an essential component in traditional ayurvedic medicine. Warranty: 20 years Mattress Sleep Trial Time: 100 nights At a slightly lower price point ($749.99 for a Queen), the Sleep Science team has been able to successfully emulsify copper and memory foam to bring you the best of both worlds in one complete mattress solution. 03/13/2020 All these antibacterial properties make copper a perfect substance to use in everyday products, like a mattress. Good sleep helps the body tackle exhaustion. A beautiful bedroom piece with solid wooden slats and durable construction. Share Layla® and get rewarded with Visa® Prepaid cards. Copper ions prevent cell respiration and destroy the contaminants DNA and prevent the development of antibiotic-resistant genes. Copper is pretty amazing. Delivery: Free shipping and returns Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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