which animals mate for life

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Not all animals are as monogamous as we once thought. Sometimes, the population is so widely dispersed and scarce that having a mate that will arrive for a date at a specified time is the only way to ensure a family reunion. This one might be quite an extreme case of mating for life. The two parent otters are very territorial over their dens and are quite aggressive in order to protect their pups and burrow. They perform bonding mainly by tactile stimulation, with the male touching the female with his tongue or rubbing her. Again, the female red fox will have several mates, but stay with the one partner to raise her pups. Both partners will fight for their area, as the species is extremely territorial. Maybe some humans could learn a thing or two from these lovers. Here is the list of few animals that mate for life: Gibbon apes. 2. Their mating season is from January until the start of March and they will produce litters of four to seven pups. Giant River Otter (Pteronura brasiliensis). You could learn a thing or two from the monogamous animals on this list, as they all mate for life. One of the famous species, the mute swan, is not actually mute. This romantic gesture is done to stop them from drifting apart and losing each other. Males are born without a digestive system, so their survival entirely depends on whether they manage to find a female: and they have an impressive sniffing apparatus to do that. We usually don’t think of animals as being very romantic. Photo by Getty Images/EyeEm. ( Log Out /  These tiny rodents are champion snugglers. They usually stay in the chosen location, so you can also expect to watch a chick grow up. As you’ll see, birds are by far the best species when it comes to loyalty. This is unlike ants, where queens choose a male to mate with, who dies directly after mating. Their territory rules are quite interesting: a younger animal would join an older one in their territory, regardless of whether the more mature animal is a male or female. Their breeding season lasts from late January until May and the mother can have litters of two to seven pups. Oftentimes... 3. ( Log Out /  The red fox has also been said to mate for life, but recent studies have shown that the males tend to look for other females to breed with as they venture away from their nests. Just like many young couples, they can’t stand the idea of being apart from each other. They do not live in packs with “dominant” and “submissive” males. A termite colony can consist of a queen, king, and all their offspring. Wolves packs are typically families of a male, female, and their pups from the last two or three litters. They are very social animals using vocal, visual and tactile signals to communicate with their partners. This Valentine’s Day, we’re looking into the animals that love for life. Males choose a female, which they will mate with for the rest of their lives. America’s beloved national symbol is also very loyal. They pair for life, and the male helps to raise the offspring. When beavers are three years old, they find a mate, which they stay with for life. Take for instance the shingleback skink of Australia. Originally it was thought that all Seahorse species were monogamous, but studies soon showed that some breeds were likely to have more than one mate, swapping between partners. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Swans are probably the animal most associated with love, largely due to the heart shape a couple forms with their necks. Black necked swans are another monogamous pair. Termite queens can lay up to 2,000 eggs a day, and usually choose one male (a “king”) to mate with for life. These gross worms also live inside people. They are one of the largest seahorses in the world, growing up to 35cm tall. Animals That Mate For Life 1. The Gray fox is monogamous and mates for life. By Simone Kelly - Online Journalism Intern. The committed couples listed below tend to mate for life. This is unlike ants, where queens choose a male to mate … Wolves. Wolves used to be the most distributed mammals but sadly grew extinct in much of Western Europe. Just to name a few: Gibbon apes Wolves Termites Coyotes Barn owls Beavers Bald eagles Golden eagles Condors Swans Brolga cranes French angel fish Sandhill cranes Pigeons Prions Red-tailed hawks Anglerfish Ospreys Prairie voles Black vultures The black vulture, also known as the American black vulture to prevent confusion with the Eurasian black vulture, can be found from southern United States to central Chile and Uruguay. Snappers, surgeonfish, moray eels, and other species of fish will have algae and bacteria cleaned off by the juveniles. Eventually, their blood circulation becomes joined, male’s eyes and other organs atrophy, and he becomes a sort of appendix on a female. It takes a chich up to ten months to mature, during which both parents are taking turns caring for it.

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