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The play modes range from time trials and practice circuits to championship leagues. With a second Playstation, you and a friend can go head-to-head. The animation here will pop at 30 frames per second. And these babies fly over gorgeous 3D texture-mapped graphics. Psygnosis' game makers are huge Ridge Racer fans, so they've set a goal to make their futuristic game better than that arcade and PlayStation powerhouse. No matter what is new, the thrill of playing WipeOut XL is in the tracks and the skill required to get through those hairpin turns with the confidence of a seasoned professional. WipeOut wowed 'em at E3. Okay, so it's not the most original concept that we've ever come across, and it does bear more than a teensy weensy bit of a similarity to Hi-Octane, but the whole product is carried off with such style and panache that it's easy enough to forgive. The tracks themselves are all suitably hi-tech and 'space-age', while the track side scenery is both beautifully texture-mapped and animated - something that we tend not to see that often. The internet totally has some gnarly waves today. Although this is a little annoying--requiring access to another PlayStation, television, link cable and all--it beats dealing with a slower frame rate and a split screen. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. It wouldn't be an anti-gravity racer without a banging soundtrack and Pacer has an EDM playlist of over 80 licensed songs. There was a problem. Finally, one of the elements that ought to get some of you excited is the music you'll hear when you play Wipeout. The smoothest graphics around can be found on Psygnosis' stellar title, Wipeout. Pacer is a futuristic racing game with a combat twist. Each team was composed of 4 ship types: Speed, Fighter, Agility, and Prototype. The jumps are especially well executed, as they actually manage to convey the feeling of the ground just falling out from underneath you. The only real noticeable differences are that the pc game runs in 255-colour VGA while the » PlayStation version runs in some weird I "billions of colours' graphics mode. Like all racing games, only the fastest are rewarded. Any of you that have seen the PlayStation original can't possibly deny that it's gobsmacking and it's clear that the pc team at Sony Interactive has , pushed the pc as hard as possible to match the original. CHOOSE YOUR PLATFORM " Pacer is a new hope for Wipeout fans " Please refresh the page and try again. Cool or what? Formula One racing takes a gut-wrenching leap into the future - namely, the Formula 3600 Anti-Gravity Racing League - in Wipe Out. Wipeout: Surf s up, dude! But that's not all! Zip along the track at blistering speeds, soaring over huge chasms and plunging down narrow tunnels. The internet totally has some gnarly waves today. It was originally released in 1995 for PlayStation and MS-DOS, and later in 1996 for Sega Saturn, being a launch title for the PlayStation (in Europe only). Free Sports Games from AddictingGames Psygnosis’ seminal racer was the defining launch game for Sony’s then-brand-new PlayStation, setting a tone that Wipe Out 2: Rotate with your arrow keys, use spacebar to make sharper turns and cutbacks. Players can probably expect new and better weapons to use on the enemies as well as more intense challenges. Wipeout (series)- The critically acclaimed, sci-fi racing series. The PlayStation is here to stay and it has some bloody good games already. Despite the fact that the whole world seems to have gone PlayStation and next generation console crazy, it looks like the pc isn't going to get left behind. There are four different racing 'ships' to choose from, and each one behaves very differently in the way that they accelerate or turn. NY 10036. Wipe Out 2: Rotate with your arrow keys, use spacebar to make sharper turns and cutbacks. WipEoutZone is a fan community for the Anti-Gravity Racing game series, WipEout. It is one of the launch titles for the console and the last title developed by … Receive news and offers from our other brands? When Wipeout first released back in 1995 it completely blew racing games out the water with its hyper-fast pace and anti-gravity crafts. It's clear that the PC version has benefited from Wipeout's heritage k though. Developers R8 Games has announced that their anti-gravity racing game Pacer will be out on Steam September 17, 25 years after Wipeout's release. © Wipe Out will drop you into the seat of a mean antigravity racing vehicle for wild, stomach-twisting driving around ten tracks. Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Get your arrow keys and your mouse and hit the water! Since then, R8 Games has rebranded it, changing the game's name from Formula Fusion to Pacer. WipEout in action What is WipEoutZone? There were five teams in this series: the four original teams and the precursor team to Piranha, Pir-hana. But as we mentioned in our feature last month, there is now a symbiosis between the pc and the Sony platforms that means both systems will push each Other in terms of both gameplay and presentation quality. The play modes range from time trials and practice circuits to championship leagues and game saves for fastest laps. If anything, it would appear that we are all going to benefit from the renewed 'mainstream' interest in video games. Firstly, like Hi-Octane, the 'cars' are extremely fast hover-ship thingies that float a few feet above the ground and can zip around at about mach 12 or something stupid.

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