yamaha ray z price in nepal

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The design realizes the "Real Boy's Scooter" concept by balancing the deeply-sculpted and powerful front mask, effortlessly-layered straight lines, and tail surround accentuated with a sense of speed. Yamaha Ray Z is one from the lot of conventional scooters, Yamaha Ray Z is a second generation scooter from the company. about yamaha ray z – price – rs.1,84,900 – nepal The design realizes the "Real Boy's Scooter" concept by balancing the deeply-sculpted and powerful front mask, effortlessly-layered straight lines, and tail surround accentuated with a sense of speed. A new seat cover material with a carbon fiber-styled pattern has been adopted. The engine is based on Yamaha’s engine concept ideal “Blue core” to gives sporty rides with good fuel mileage. Yamaha has never stopped us amazing us by its two-wheelers and the same company before some period of time launched a scooter named the Yamaha Ray Z. Yamaha Ray ZR 125 FI Price in Nepal. It combines with the rear wing-like grab-bars to create a sporty impression. At 99 kgs, the new RayZR is 4 kgs lighter than the earlier 113cc model. Yamaha Ray-ZR was developed around the concept of a "Next-Generation Real Boy's Scooter". The new RayZR 125 Fi is powered by a BS VI compliant, air cooled, fuel injected (Fi), 125 cc blue core engine that produces a power output of 8.2 PS @ 6,500 RPM and a torque of 9.7 N.m @ 5,000 RPM. It features a carbon pattern for the background and the new display fonts have a sporty look to them. It will also be available in two different colors for its drum brake variant. However, these are some-what justified with everything else on offer. When certain conditions are met, the Stop & Start system automatically stops the engine when the vehicle is at stop and idling, thereby helping to save fuel. © Copyright Yamaha All Rights Reserved. UBS has been developed for better stopping power of your 2 wheelers. Do visit our sister publication TNM - The Nepali Man (www.TNM.com.np), an insight into a complete man's world. Seating position is as crucial for the pillion as it is for the rider, the two level seating provides great comfort to the riders and a distinctive silhouette that sets it apart from its peers. 15,000 on exchange & upgrade to FI, or. They contribute to the sporty look of the body and the “downforce” image. The sporty, sharp headlight illuminates the night with superior visibility and the tough look adds greater originality to the design. Surely, there are few aspects in the Yamaha Ray Z where cost-cutting becomes more apparent. Rayz comes with In-built side stand for ease of access. The multi-function key switch makes sure that your needs are fulfilled at the tip of your fingers. Amnil Technologies, 12 inch Cast Wheel (FRONT) with Disc Brake, In-built Side Stand Engine Cut-off Switch, TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition), Stop & Start System (SSS), Smart Motor Generator(SMG) System, Additional valuation of Rs. Today we will talk about the 2nd popular model of Yamaha scooters, Yamaha Ray. RAY Z has a sporty look and feel with a smoked-finish visor for a motorcycle-like image which makes Ray Z more stylish, aluminum rear wing-shaped tandem rider grab-bar, a new instrument panel with a carbon fiber patterned background, a carbon fiber patterned seat cover material, and dynamic coloring and graphics for character that expresses “Aggressive Sportiness”. Morang Auto Works(MAW) has launched t he RayZR 125 FI scooter in the Nepali market. Crafted by A large under-seat storage of 21L ensures that you have enough space to carry all your essentials and personal items. STANDING ACCELERATION Rayz R comes with two eye-catching colors for its disk brake model to fulfill the needs of trend-conscious young riders. UBS results in: Ray Z has telescopic type front fork suspension which ensures agile handling and running performance with a feeling of stability even over rough roads because of its bigger suspension stroke. Yamaha is garbing people’s attention recently by launching scooters like fascino 125 FI and upcoming scooter Ray ZR 125 fi.

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