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The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, Should not be weaker than the tiger class seafolk who can casually lift a trailer truck, https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Pureblood?oldid=6965535. I like it. Yea, there are some plot holes in his character. The dying vampire is shocked and confused at how the hero managed to still stay standing, even after he had "killed" him so many times. The Monsters let Zombieman make his way towards a metal door. Stamina: Extremely high (Was able to fight for 140 hours straight. Seeing how powerful the vampire is, he realizes that it is going to be a strenuous exercise and takes out his long-bearded axe. Whatever devil lies on the other side, must be tough to deal with... Zombieman opened the door to a pitch black room. He also prefers to work as a lone wolf and dislikes gathering, although he still respects common courtesy. Information Pureblood sadistically laughs and tells Zombieman not to get ahead of himself, and proceeds to transform his body into multiple bats, which launch themselves at Zombieman and rip apart his body. PureBlood was hanging upside down on the ceiling. Unnamed Robots 101: None Win Zombieman vs. ONE has said that it would be difficult for Zombieman to defeat Deep Sea King. Zombieman vs. Pureblood Weaknesses: Pureblood is quite arrogant. Pig God vs. Other times they just fight on the surface so I don’t see how a monster can bury him underground. Prisoners of Smelly Lid Prison, Atomic Samurai's Disciples vs. He despises the other monsters around him, and claims to be the strongest natural monster on Earth. Zombieman begins an introduction, but quickly draws his two pistols and fires at Pureblood. 3. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. I think because he is a detective/infiltration focused guy, he would mostly be taking the fight to the monsters rather than defending a city. Monster Association Arc #wade Location Check the sidebar for information! Fight Chronology Pureblood states his intention to kill the other monsters when he's done, and asks Zombieman who he is. #wattys2019. Arc He realizes that Zombieman is the undying S-Class hero he had heard of, mocking his title of "phony monster", and also calling him the "phony human". Pureblood forms a large wrist blade, which Zombieman manages to block. However, the vampire manages to appear behind Zombieman and bite on his carotid artery. Bury him? Oops! He wears a worn-out, open grey coat over his black singlet with tan pants and a thick brown belt. Pureblood states his intention to kill the other monsters when he's done, and asks Zombieman who he is. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. He wears a worn-out, open grey coat over his black singlet with tan pants and a thick brown belt. level 2. Zombie; ah, that almost broke my bones... well, it is actually broken.. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. he doesn't show any skills nearly as impressive as Andy, let alone anybody inverse. ... and only beat Pureblood, a demon level monster, by a battle of attrition. Speed-wise, Pureblood could trivially catch the bullets of Zombieman… Duration Meanwhile... Andy is skilled enough with his abilities that he uses his own body as bullets. #genos Regenerated his head, hands, and most of his body after Homeless Emperor vaporized them. Zombieman vs. Plus this is probably one of the few times heroes have to go underground to defeat monsters. He tears his arms off from recoil of his own guns, got tagged by his own bullet, and only beat Pureblood, a demon level monster, by a battle of attrition. Zombieman pulled another Desert Eagle from his left sleeve and shot the Monster in the head. Monster Association Raid However, Zombieman is still able to fire his pistol and creates a large hole through the monster's chest. What he likes are killings that will create rivers of blood. The hero asks the vampire if he's ready for a battle of attrition, and their fight resumes. Pureblood is a vampire that comes from a ancient bloodline of vampires. Standard Equipment: An axe, two machetes, and a Desert Eagle. Zombieman walks to the door and prepares to leave, but falls to one knee at the entrance. Forum Posts. Pureblood catches the bullets and throws them back at Zombieman, although he's surprised when he sees Zombieman still standing despite having his brain blown out. As for being an expert in close combat, that statement means not that much. #monster Zombieman begins an introd… You have underestimated how fast he is coming back, durability isnt his only feat, his regen is like majin buu level. However, instead of cowering in fear, Zombieman bends the steel bar, locking the door so none of the monsters can escape. Zombieman tells the unresponsive Pureblood that he gave him about two hundred lethal wounds and it was a very tough battle indeed. @vjbthe3: how so , zombieman is stated to be an expert in close combat and all types of weaponry. PurebloodRegenerationTransformationBlood Consumption The Monsters charged at Zombieman as he fired his Desert Eagle killing the monsters as some tentacles stab his arms and a big Monster came out of the wall. Was stated to be able to bring back his limbs, organs, and head. #tatsumaki Zombieman was walking down a hallway as corpses of Monsters behind him and he had an axe on his left hand. Abilities and Techniques I feel like if we saw him fight a different demon, then we might see his insanely high Calibur guns in action, Nah man as shown in Zombieman vs vampire guy chapter, he can bend steel. That monster is too cocky to fight Zombieman. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. #esper Was able to trick Homeless Emperor into divulging the truth about his powers to learn more about him and give himself some time to regenerate. He appears to be bothered by the peculiarities of the Hero Association meeting, noting that the heroes do not look very cooperative and hiding his annoyance at Pig God's continued consumption. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, Should be much faster than the likes of intraining Saitama, https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Zombieman?oldid=6988318. Let's be honest, most of the monsters are too cocky or stupid to fight smart. #fubuki Wade is the Youngest Brother Of Tatsumaki and Fubuki and is best friends with Saitama after Wade went to fix a mess that he was involved with. I think that he would have something like 3000-4000 points in Okame. Evil Natural Water, Bang, Bomb, and Fubuki vs. Overgrown Rover, https://onepunchman.fandom.com/wiki/Zombieman_vs._Pureblood?oldid=180249, Yo, Vampire... get ready for a battle of attrition! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Zombie: I'm going. So without a way to actually … Regeneration makes him hard to kill. Zombie: heh. One-Punch Man Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. 4. If he was on par with Garou, or honestly any characters Suiryu and up it would mean something, but he's nowhere near. #onepunchman #garou I love zombie mans fighting style. I'm pretty sure any character in the martial arts contest was more skilled than he was. Pureblood mocks Zombieman and asks him how he's doing; one of the bats is stuck in the hero's body, and becomes trapped as his body regenerates around it. #opm To contain him is like grabbing a slimey fish in the river, except hes a S-class combatant and will surely bite back. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Homeless Emperor: 112, 113: None Interrupted by Tatsumaki ... (pureblood)even though it took him 30 mintues but he still have to be physically strong enough to take the monster down,definitely stronger than an average A class. ", 53 • 54 • 55 • 56 • 57 • 58 • 59 • 60 • 61 • 62 • 63 • 64 • 65 • 66 • 67 • 68 • 69 • 70 • 71 • 72 • 73 • 74 • 75 • 76 • 77 • 78 • 79 • 80 • 81 • 82 • 83 • 84 • 85 • 86 • 87 • 88 • 89 • 90 • 91 • 92 • 93 • 94. 19 days ago. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the OnePunchMan community. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Pureblood is a vampire that comes from a ancient bloodline of vampires. Press J to jump to the feed.

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